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This setup has a minimalism level well over 9,000 [Setups]


MacBook Air Setup
A slab of wood, some peripherals and a giant monitor are all you really need for a great setup.
Photo: Mike Leardo

When we published a Setups post with the headline “This desk has a minimalism level of over 9,000,” consultant Mike Leardo felt compelled to send in his own rig to show what peak minimalism really looks like.

You can’t get more minimalist than this — mouse, keyboard and screen.

The desk itself is a giant slab of wood that used to be a kitchen island top. Leardo stained and finished it, then set it on top of a couple of shelves for support.

His monitor is the (now discontinued) AOC C400VUB 40-inch 4K Curved Monitor. He mounted it on his wall, and even went so far as to run cables through the wall so none show. His distain for visible cables borders on madness.

His principle computer is a 2020 MacBook Air. He also has an Intel NUC8 Mini PC that he uses as his work computer and for coding on a PC. In order to save as much space as possible, he stows both of them in drawers. To simplify his life (and keep him from looking at exposed wires), Leardo uses a Ugreen USB-C docking station. This gives him a one-cable experience, and he can easily switch from his Mac to his PC.

For peripherals, he keeps it simple with just a Magic Keyboard and Trackpad. He splurged and got himself the Numerical Trackpad but that is the only deviation from his stark minimalist setup.

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Submitted by Mike Leardo.

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