Save $60 on the Google Nest Wi-Fi router 2-pack


Google Nest Wi-Fi router
Don't suffer spotty Wi-Fi connectivity.
Photo: Google

Sick of spotty Wi-Fi connectivity around your home? Fix it with the excellent Google Nest Wi-Fi router. It blankets your home with mesh Wi-Fi coverage, ensuring you get the best connection everywhere.

Order a Nest Wi-Fi two-pack on Amazon today and save $60.

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No matter how fast your internet connection is, you’ll suffer slow and unreliable speeds in certain areas of your home if your existing router simply doesn’t have enough reach. That’s not a problem with the Nest.

Its mesh Wi-Fi technology covers up to 4,400 square feet with a fast, reliable Wi-Fi connection. So, no matter where you go with your iPhone, iPad, and other devices, you’ll stay connected.

Order yours at one of its lowest prices yet.

Get Google Nest Wi-Fi at a big discount

Amazon is offering the Nest Wi-Fi router two-pack for just $239 for a limited time only. That’s $60 off its usual price.

By using two Nest Wi-Fi routers, you’ll enjoy the fastest possible connection. One connects to your existing modem to create your wireless network; the other extends it for the best coverage.

Nest routers support up to 200 connected devices simultaneously, and can easily handle online gaming, 4K video streaming, and more. They also offer guest Wi-Fi access if you want it.

Amazon customers have given the Nest Wi-Fi two-pack a 4.3-star rating (out of five) after more than 700 reviews. Bag yours before this discount ends!

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