New iMac may be on the way, but don’t expect Apple Silicon or redesign just yet


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Don't expect a futuristic redesign just yet.
Photo: Xhakomo Doda

Apple could (possibly) debut its iMac refresh as soon as this week. But those hoping for the much-rumored iMac redesign and Apple Silicon integration likely will need to wait a bit longer.

The suggestion that Apple will update the iMac was first mentioned in a tweet by leaker @Soybeys that has since been deleted. Apple leaker Jon Prosser, who also has been known to be pretty accurate in the past, said new iMacs are on the way, but suggested they will debut in August instead.

Prosser also said not to expect a major iMac redesign until the first Apple Silicon Macs arrive further down the line.

Redesign on the way? Updating the iMac

If Apple does unveil a new iMac, it could well be a 10-core Intel i9 CPU and Radeon Pro 5300 GPU model recently teased through Geekbench testing.

Apple last updated the iMac in March 2019. This update included the 9th-generation Intel Core i9 processors and Radeon Vega graphics. On that occasion, unlike the majority of previous Mac releases, Apple simply updated the specs and released a press statement to let people know about it. That differed from the company’s usual approach of announcing new iMacs during keynotes.

A new iMac was rumored for WWDC in June. However, this did not come to fruition. Instead, at the event Apple announced that future Macs would switch from Intel to custom Apple Silicon processors. However, Cupertino did not give an exact date for these new computers.

Do you have any interest in what could be the last Intel-based iMac? Or is buying an Intel iMac at this stage a bit like buying a new iPhone in August, knowing that there is a potentially revolutionary new product coming just one month later?

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Via: 9to5Mac