Easily control outdoor lights with Meross waterproof HomeKit outlet [Review]


Meross Smart WiFi Indoor/Outdoor Plug review
Neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night bothers this Meross smart outlet.
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Add Siri voice control to your outside spotlights with the Meross Smart WiFi Indoor/Outdoor Plug. It’s waterproof and actually offers two plugs, each separately controllable with Apple’s HomeKit.

I tested this home-automation accessory around my house. Here’s how well it lives up to regular use.

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Meross Smart WiFi Indoor/Outdoor Plug review

Connect spotlights or a couple of sets of outdoor lights to this smart outlet and you won’t ever have to go out in the rain or snow to turn them on or off. You can control them with an iPhone from your living room or almost anywhere on Earth. Or set them up a schedule.


The smart outlet is 5 inches by 2.8 in. by 1.5 in. There’s a heavy 6-in. power cable on one side with a three-prong electrical plug.

The two electrical sockets are on the opposite end. Meross includes a waterproof cover for these, but this product needs to be set up with the sockets facing downward to really protect them from water.

A large power button lights up to show status. It’s green when at least one of the two sockers is active. The button blinks red when Meross’ smart outlet can’t get a WiFi connection. This lets you see if there’s a problem from a considerable distance away.

Meross Smart WiFi Indoor/Outdoor Plug performance

Tests over several weeks found no significant problems with the product. It was easy to set up with its own app, with Apple HomeKit, and with Amazon Alexa. Google Assistant is also an option. Any of these gives separate control of whatever is connected to the two plugs.

iPhone and iPad owners should use HomeKit, as it’s built into your devices. It allows you to say “Hey Siri, turn on spotlights.” You can do this from bed, or while on vacation in Katmandu. Or automate the process, so the lights come on at a certain time every day. They can come on exactly at sunset, and turn off at sunrise.

Just take care about what equipment you connect to the Meross Smart WiFi Indoor/Outdoor Plug. It maxes out at 100V to 125V, and 10.0A. Try to run something that pulls more than that and you’ll blow this accessory’s fuse.

The best feature of the smart plug is it lets your put something out in your yard and control it from inside the house. But it’ll really show the limitations of your WiFi. Make sure your wireless network reaches out to where you want to put this device before making a purchase. Without WiFi, it’s just an ordinary dumb plug.

And keep an eye on the temperature. Meross says the gadget can take the ordinary extremes of weather: 14°F to 104°F (-10°C to 40°C). But some climates see even higher or lower temps.

Meross Smart WiFi Indoor/Outdoor Plug supports HomeKit. Meross smart outlet is really ready to be used outdoors.

Meross Smart WiFi Indoor/Outdoor Plug final thoughts

It’s wonderfully convenient to use HomeKit to turn off the bedroom lights without getting out of bed, but the Meross Smart WiFi Indoor/Outdoor Plug is even better. It’ll save you from having to tromp out in the snow to turn off the Christmas lights.

The smart plug supports Apple’s home automation system as well as multiple rivals. It’s easy to set up, and works in the rain. It could be just what you’re looking for to control holiday lights, or outdoor area lighting.


Meross asks $32.99 for the Smart WiFi Indoor/Outdoor Plug. That’s very reasonable for an outdoor plug with HomeKit.

Buy from: Amazon

Those who just use Alexa and not HomeKit can get a version of this smart outlet from Amazon that’s $25.99. Apple fans, don’t buy this one by accident.

Comparable products

The closest rival for Meross’ smart outlet is probably the iDevices Outdoor Switch. It’s also waterproof and offers a pair of outlets. The cost is $49.95, though.

If you just want a HomeKit plug and don’t plan to use it outdoors, there’s the Satechi Dual Smart Outlet. It’s $44.99.

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