When you’re a Mac user, you’re a Mac user all the way [Setups]


iMac Setups
A Mac lovers' setup.
Photo: @iammichaelevins

Designer and photographer Michael Evins’ desk is loaded with Apple gear. Almost everything on this setup was designed by Apple in California.

“I have been using Mac for about 12 years now,” Evins said, “I just like how everything works together in harmony.”

The lifeblood of his rig is the 2015 iMac. For peripherals he, of course, has the Magic Keyboard and Trackpad. An iconic duo.

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For audio, he has the Sony WH1000XM3 which he said are “the best headphones I’ve ever owned.” He also has the JLB CLIP 3, which is the perfect travel speaker. And of course, a pair of AirPods.

He uses a 2020 iPad Pro. He switched from a Lamicall Tablet Stand to an Apple Magic Keyboard and has not looked back. “I never thought I would use it so much but I really have, it’s like everything you could really want especially with the magic keyboard,”
he said.

He concluded by saying: “I can’t go back to Windows.” Wise words.

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Via: @iammichaelevins

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