Want an M1 MacBook Pro? Sell your old model for fast upgrade cash


It's easier than you think.
Photo: Dmitry Chernyshov

It’s a great time to pick up a new M1 MacBook Pro, with retailers like Amazon now slashing up to $100 off brand-new models, and Apple itself offering bigger discounts on refurbished units. And Cult of Mac can help make yours even more affordable.

We pay great prices for used Apple computers (and other Apple devices) — and we make the whole process quick and simple. We also cough up real cash that you can spend anywhere you like.

Apple computers hold their value incredibly well — much better than notebooks from rival manufacturers. So, when it’s time to upgrade, selling your old model is a great way to raise some quick cash.

But it’s important than you sell it the right way.

You might get good money on sites like eBay, but you’ll also face hefty fees and the risk of running into scammers. Other buyback services won’t pay you enough, or they offer credit you can only spend in certain places.

That’s why you should sell your old MacBook to Cult of Mac.

Why you should sell to Cult of Mac

We pay a fair price for used Apple devices, and we’ll buy back almost anything. That includes your old Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and even your dirty old AirPods.

We’ll also buy back broken devices in need of repair, and we promise that nothing we receive will end up in landfill. It’s either resold, repaired, or recycled responsibly.

We pay real cash — not store credit — so you can spend it any way you like. And we won’t leave you waiting weeks for your money.

How the Cult of Mac buyback program works

There are three simple steps to the Cult of Mac buyback program:

  1. Visit the Cult of Mac buyback page and get a quote for your old MacBook.
  2. Send your machine into us using the box and prepaid return label that we issue you.
  3. Wait for your check to arrive around a week later.

It’s that easy.

Get a quote today!

We’ll give you 14 days to send your old MacBook into us after you’ve received your quote. That gives you plenty of time to pick up a shiny new M1 MacBook Pro at a big discount before giving up your old one.

Find out how much your old MacBook is worth today.

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