‘Shot on iPhone’ experiment with slo-mo water is completely mesmerizing


Apple “Experiments III: Cascade”
The latest “Shot on iPhone” video makes water the star.
Photo: Apple

Apple occasionally commissions artists to experiment with how far they can push iPhone cameras. The third video in this series features water moving in slow motion. It’s enthralling, and it’s all recorded on an iPhone XS.

Watch it now:

Apple acknowledges that the result is really trippy. The description for “Shot on iPhone XS — Experiments III: Cascade” reads:

“Let your mind wander with our newest experiments. Commissioned by Apple. #ShotoniPhone by Donghoon Jun and James Thornton of Incite in collaboration with WET.“

There’s also a “Behind the Scenes” video to accompany the regular one, showing how Jun and Thornton produced the effects.

Earlier in the Experiments series

Earlier this year, the company released “Shot on iPhone XR — Experiments II: Full Circle,” which used a bullet time video rig mounted with 32 iPhone XRs to showcase the low-light shooting powers of this handset.