The best Live Photo-fixing, nanny-hunting and Twitter-watching apps of the week


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A Craigslist app? On the iPhone? Can it be true?
Photo: Cult of Mac

This week we find a nanny for our kinds, read Twitter on our Apple Watches, restore animations to our Live Photos, and more.

Enliven: Re-Live Your Photos


Enliven, from the developer of the amazing AudioBus, does one simple but essential thing. It restores Live Photos animations to images that you edited in other apps.

If you edit a Live Photo using the built-in editing tools, then the animation remains intact. However, if you use something like Snapseed or Focos to make an edit, the original animation gets overwritten in your Photos library. Enliven adds back that animation. This is especially good in iOS 13, where Live Photos animate automatically when browsing your photos.

Price: Free with in-app unlock

Download: Enliven: Re-Live Your Photos from the App Store (iOS)

NannyHunt – Hire a Local Nanny

nannyhunt app

Sponsored: NannyHunt is an app to help you find a local nanny or babysitter to take care of your kid(s). You can search for a nearby nanny, and then view their profile, reviews and qualifications, all right in the app. In fact, you can do everything in the app, including chatting with nannies directly.

Price: Free

Download: NannyHunt – Hire a Local Nanny from the App Store (iOS)


craigslist app

Finally, only 12 years after the iPhone launched, Craigslist now has an official iPhone app. And you will not be surprised/disappointed. The app offers all the clean simplicity of the website. It’s Craigslist, on an iPhone.

Price: Free

Download: craigslist from the App Store (iOS)

Chirp for Twitter

chirp for twitter

Chirp is a full-featured Twitter app — for the Apple Watch. You can do pretty much anything you can do in an iPhone app, only on your wrist (on a display too small to see all those cat GIFs and baby-goats-in-pajamas videos). It does DMs and replies, but it also supports lists, videos and even search. The only problem might be holding your wrist up long enough to check all your replies.

Price: Free

Download: Chirp for Twitter from the App Store (iOS)