Blast off with space games and female erotica [Awesome Apps of the Week]


Blast off with space games and female erotica [Awesome Apps of the Week]
These apps are out of this world.
Image: Cult of Mac

Space: the final frontier. And kinda sorta the theme of this week’s roundup of new and updated apps.

We’ve got an app that brings Star Trek, NASA and Tetris faces to Apple Watch. A free iOS game that will get arcade fans flashing back to Asteroids. And an audio app for women that blends erotica, meditation and ASMR for a trip deep into inner space.

I’m not sure how Godzilla and Kong fit into the space theme, but they crash onto the scene as well. (If only we had SpaceGodzilla.) Three … two … one …

Get in shape in 2021 with this top-rated fitness app


With audio workout app Auro, you can pursue your fitness goals absolutely anywhere.
With this audio workout app, you can pursue your fitness goals absolutely anywhere.
Photo: Jenny Hill/Unsplash CC

It’s time for a new year, and a new you! There’s no better way to get your heart pumping and your Apple Watch working to its full potential than with innovative fitness app Auro. And right now, a one-year subscription is on sale at 50% off.

You can now stream Pandora from your Apple Watch without an iPhone


Apple Watch Series 5 California Face
It could be one of many new faces.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

The newest update to Pandora for Apple Watch gives you the ability to stream music without being connected to your iPhone.

The feature takes advantage of changes made in watchOS 6, which rolled out last fall, that allow third-party apps to stream audio on Apple Watch. Of course, you’ll need a device with LTE connectivity to enjoy it.


Apple removes 17 malware apps which secretly clicked on ads
Nothing makes it onto an Apple App Store without a human looking at it. That takes less time than you might think.
Photo: Apple

Shift Keyboard lets you tap out your messages on Apple Watch


Apple Watch
Coming soon to a wrist near you.
Photo: Adam Foot

Right now, the easiest way to write messages on Apple Watch is using voice control or Apple’s recommended responses. But one intrepid developer wants to go back to the past by adding a keyboard to Apple’s wearable device.

His app, Shift Keyboard, just launched in the App Store. Developer Adam Foot spoke with Cult of Mac to try and sell us on the idea.