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Speak up to 33 new languages with this highly reviewed language learning app [Deals]


Get a ton of tools and all the time you need to master any of 33 languages.
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Learning languages is a lifelong endeavor, and there’s no single way to do it. Many language-learning apps revolve around one concept or approach, so they’ll limit the amount of progress you can make. But with a variety of technologies backing its lessons, Mondly offers powerful tools for learning languages.

The Mondly language app uses state-of-the-art speech-recognition technology to assess your word choices and phrasing. It offers only positive feedback when you speak clearly and correctly, so you won’t get discouraged. That’s important when facing the difficult task of mastering any of 33 languages.

With Mondly, you will memorize core words, form sentences, take part in conversations, and work with a dictionary and verb conjugator. The app wisely breaks up the learning process into short lessons, so what you learn actually sticks. With professional voice actors and a conversation-focused curriculum — even augmented reality for engaging subjects like animals and objects — you get the closest thing to immersion possible from your phone.

Buy now: Get a lifetime access to one language with Mondly for $39.99, or you can get three languages for $59.99, or five languages for $69.99. That’s 83%, 91% and 94% off the usual price, respectively. You also can access all languages for $99.99 — a whopping 95% discount.