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VueScan rescues scanners made obsolete by macOS Catalina


Make less electronic waste with VueScan
Don’t toss your scanner on the rubbish heap.
Photo: Francesco Paggiaro/ Pexels CC

Anyone with an older scanner incompatible with macOS Catalina can try VueScan, third-party software that works with over 6000 scanners from 42 manufacturers.

It can save still-functional scanners from ending up on the e-waste pile.

Catalina vs. 32-bit scanner drivers

32-bit Mac apps used to be the standard, but that was back in the days of 32-bit processors. Apple long ago moved to 64-bit chips and 64-bit software. Still, macOS allowed legacy apps to stick around.

That stopped with macOS Catalina; it supports only 64-bit applications.

That’s a problem for older scanners that are still physically functional but require driver software that has never been updated from 32-bit.

VueScan can save scanners from Epson, Canon, Fujitsu, etc.

One option is to pitch out the now-obsolete scanner and buy a new one. Or there’s VueScan 9.7 from Hamrick Software. It runs under macOS Catalina and supports a wide range of older hardware.

“Scanners don’t wear out and people like to use their scanners for a long time, sometimes for 10 or 15 years,” said Ed Hamrick, President of Hamrick Software. “However, most vendor-supplied scanner drivers are 32-bit programs on Mac OS and don’t work on Catalina. VueScan lets people to continue using their scanners on Catalina, saving the environment and saving money.”

Some notable scanners that can be rescued from obsolescence by VueScan 9.7 include most Fujitsu ScanSnap document scanners, most Canon DR-series document scanners, many older Epson flatbed and film scanners, many older Canon scanners and most PIE and Reflecta film scanners. Hamrick says support for Plustek OpticFilm film scanners is almost ready to release.

VueScan Standard Edition is $49.95 and Professional Edition is $99.95. A fully functional, trial copy of can be downloaded from Hamrick Software.