iPhone 11 Pro Max battery whips Galaxy Note 10+


Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Samsung Galaxy Note10+ battery life
The iPhone 11 Pro Max still has plenty of power when the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ runs out
Photo: PhoneBuff

A battery test pitting the iPhone 11 Pro Max against its arch-rival, the Samsung Galaxy Note10+, found that Apple’s new flagship handset outlasted its competitor by over two hours.

The test, done by PhoneBuff, includes a one-hour phone call, 16 hours of standby time, and hours of real-world use in a range of applications.

A robot puts each device through its paces, so there’s no question of one getting worked harder than the other. And the screens have been set at the same level: 200nits.

Watch the head-to-head competition now:

iPhone 11 Pro Max is the clear winner

There’s no doubt which handset came out ahead. “The iPhone 11 Pro Max not only beat the Note 10+ in this test, but it lasted longer than any smartphone we’ve tested before,” said David Rahimi from PhoneBuff.

Apple promises the iPhone 11 Pro Max lasts up to 5 hours longer than its predecessor, and it certainly performs better. The Pro Max lasted 27 hours and 5 minutes in this test, while last year’s iPhone XS Max lasted exactly 24 hours.

PhoneBuff confirms the results an earlier battery test in which Apple’s new top-tier handset went up against a range of other handsets, and beat them all.

A head-to-head performance competition between the new Pro Max and the Note 10+ came out with a different result. The iPhone won most of the bout, but fell behind at the end because it has less RAM.

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