Apple hints Touch ID is here to stay


Touch ID
But don't worry — Apple still has plans for Touch ID.
Photo: Apple

Apple doesn’t plan to completely kill Touch ID anytime soon, according to Greg Joswiak, Apple’s VP of product marketing.

In a recent interview discussing the progress of Face ID, Joswiak championed Touch ID on the iPhone 5s as the first mainstream biometric security system. Even though Face ID is being added to more devices, Joswiak hinted Touch ID will still be hanging around for a while.

“Certainly, we’ll continue to put [Face ID] on more devices but also Touch ID will continue to have a role,” Joswiak told The Daily Express. “It’s a great technology on our iPad lineup and we don’t see it going away anytime soon.”

Touch ID is alive and strong

Apple ditched Touch ID on the latest iPad Pros to allow for slimmer bezels on the display. However, the latest iPad Air and iPod Touch are still using the tech. It’s also used on the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Some Apple fans have been clamoring for Apple to bring Touch ID back to the iPhone too. Patent filings have shown that Apple has considered adding an embedded fingerprint reader to displays, but the company says Face ID is a better solution.

Even though Face ID is harder to fool than Touch ID, some iPhone users aren’t happy that the Face ID sensors make up a big notch on the front display. Android handset makers have avoided the notch lately by adding pop-up selfie cameras to their phones. Joswiak warned against hoping that Apple will follow suit.

“I would give people credit for trying new things, competition is what makes the world go round and makes us all better but that’s not something we see coming anytime soon,” said Joswiak.

Apple will unveil its entire 2019 iPhone lineup at an event on Tuesday, September 10. While there aren’t any major design changes slated for the new phones, Apple is predicted to add a third camera lens, two-way wireless charging, A13 processor, bigger batteries and improved Face ID.