Easily connect your phone to affordable international call or internet plans.

Travel with an affordable and reliable wireless connection [Deals]


This pocket-sized device can connect up to 8 mobile devices to international phone and internet plans.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Traveling carries a lot of expenses and logistical challenges. One of the biggest is keeping our phones connected in places where our usual call and data plans don’t reach.

The Tern Global Data Connection Device offers a handy, pocket-sized solution. It’s a 4G transmitter that allows for internet access pretty much anywhere. It also pairs with an app, so you just choose the country where you’re traveling, then select the best and most affordable plan for your trip. Once you land, you’ll be able to browse and make calls on up to 8 devices at once. With enough juice for 480 hours of standby time, it’s a great sidekick for any traveler.

Buy now: Get a Tern Global Data Connection Device for $99. That’s 41% off the usual price.