Insider iPhone 11 leaks, plus the pros and cons of Apple Card! This week, on The CultCast


CultCast 401
Some big changes may be coming to iPhone...
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This week on The CultCast: A Foxconn insider spills big iPhone 11 secrets. Plus: the pros and cons of Apple Card, and Apple’s new maps start rolling out across the country. And finally, a strange twist in the MoviePass story unveils the unbelievable shenanigans the company pulled to stayed in business — and they are far worse than we ever imagined!

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#401 – iPhone 11: the biggest leaks yet!

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This week’s stories

Apple Card Unboxing & Impressions!

  • It’s a digital card that lives in the wallet app, and it is also a physical card (that you use when the vendor doesn’t.
  • 2% cash-back on all purchases when you pay with Apple Pay, 1% cash-back when you pay using the physical card, and 3% cash-back on purchases made directly from AppleApp is the most beautiful financial app out there. Digital card changes colors as you use it.
  • App also categorizes all your purchases, shows you maps of where they were made, and helps you understand how much interest you’ll pay when you don’t pay off your balance.
  • Cash back daily.
  • No fees, not even late fees.
  • High approval rates. Even subprime borrowers are being approved.


  • Offers pretty much the same spending insights as other apps, like Mint.
  • 2% cash back only available for Apple Pay. 1% for card and non-apple pay purchases isn’t great.
  • 3% cash back for Apple purchases is only 1-2% more than other cashback cards.
  • Card number is not on the card, so if you need it you have to go get your phone, open the app, and find it.
  • You can’t add authorized users, meaning you can’t share a card with your spouse. Only one card per person per Apple ID.
  • No price protection.
  • No extended warranty.

Revamped Apple Maps Now Available in Texas, Louisiana, and Southern Mississippi

  • Last year, Apple announced plans to rebuild its Maps app with its own first-party data. The overall look and feel of Apple Maps is similar, but zooming and panning reveals more details like grass, trees, sports fields, and parking lots. Apple is also focused on making search results more relevant.

The definitive story of how a controversial Florida businessman blew up MoviePass and burned hundreds of millions

  • The MoviePass shenanigans are way worse than we ever thought.