This website search tool turns pages you visit into easily searchable docs.

Save half on the tool that turns websites into searchable documents [Deals]


History Search
This tool turns the websites you visit into easily searchable documents, for super easy recall and search.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The website is an incomprehensibly vast trove of information. When you want to save that information for later, it usually means saving a bunch of bookmarks or remembering the right search terms. But what if instead you could index and sort your own personal web archive?

History Search turns the websites you visit into searchable documents, so you save time and effort finding the content you need. It’s compatible with Google Docs, Office 365, Gmail, Intercom, Jira, and other tools, and sports tons of features for previewing, indexing, sorting and more. You can for example retrieve pages based on anything it contains, from comments to hashtags to full text snippets. This all helps cut down on tabs, saves space in your browsing history across as many as 10 browsers.

Buy now: Get a year of the History Search Pro Plan for $47.88. That’s half off the usual price.