Apple makes huge cuts to SSD upgrade pricing for Macs


Maxing-out your new Mac is now a lot more affordable.
Photo: Apple

Apple has significantly reduced the price of its SSD upgrades for Mac.

Many options now cost half as much as they did yesterday. A whopping 4TB SSD for the 15-inch MacBook Pro is now priced at $1,400 — down from $2,800.

It’s been a somewhat strange day for Apple fans.

At a time when the company’s products are quickly becoming more expensive than ever, it has made the new MacBook Air $100 cheaper, and added more to the entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro.

But by far the most surprising revision to Apple’s pricing are the massive cuts on SSD upgrades for Mac.

Apple makes welcome SSD discounts

The changes apply across the entire Mac range. As usual, the more expensive the machine initially, the less you’ll pay for more storage.

For instance, a 2TB SSD for the Mac mini will now cost you $1,000 — down from $1,400. But a 2TB SSD for the 256GB 15-inch MacBook Pro is now just $800 — down from $1,200.

A 1TB SSD for the 15-inch MacBook Pro now costs $400 — down from $600. The 512GB SSD remains the same at $200.

When it comes to the new MacBook Air, you’ll pay just $600 to upgrade to 1TB of storage from the 128GB base option. However, the 1.5TB SSD previously offered is no longer available.

It’s about time

These reductions make Apple’s prices on SSDs more comparable to those charged by rival companies. Fans have long bemoaned the “Apple tax” applied to SSD upgrades.

Sadly, we aren’t seeing similar reductions on RAM upgrades.