Samsung: Galaxy Fold delay won’t affect new iPhone XS Max rival

Samsung: Galaxy Fold delay won’t affect new iPhone XS Max rival


The Galaxy Note 10 will be here in August.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Samsung fans will be pleased to hear that the ongoing Galaxy Fold delay won’t affect the launch of its upcoming Galaxy Note 10.

A company official has confirmed to Korean media outlets that its newest iPhone XS Max rival is on track for an August launch. The statement comes after some rumors suggested its arrival would be pushed back.

Samsung might be struggling to launch its first foldable phone, but the South Korean company knows the ins and outs of building regular handsets. There’s no need to worry about other Galaxy smartphones being delayed, then.

But thanks to recent rumors, there have been concerns the Note 10’s launch would be pushed back so that Samsung engineers could focus their efforts on fixing the Fold’s teething troubles.

One Samsung official has now put those rumors to bed.

Note 11 on track for August launch

“The Galaxy Note 10 will have its own timeline for its debut in August, regardless of the Galaxy Fold’s launch schedule,” the official said. “The company keeps the same stance about the Galaxy Fold’s launch.”

So, we have less than two months to wait for the Note 10’s arrival. Reports have claimed that Samsung will make the device official on August 7.

The Note 10 is likely to be a lot like the Galaxy S10 on the inside, but with a larger display and S Pen stylus. It will almost certainly be Samsung’s first Note with an edge-to-edge screen and in-display fingerprint scanner.

Galaxy Fold still being fixed

If you’re still waiting for the Fold, there’s bad news. The same Samsung source stated that “company officials are actively testing the foldable devices with user trial versions as they are reporting errors occurring in various settings.”

It sounds like Samsung is still having issues with its first foldable phone and its launch may not be as close as earlier reports have suggested.

Previous statements claimed the problems had been ironed out and that a launch was imminenta launch was imminent. We were expecting something to happen in July. It now looks like the lengthy wait could continue for a while longer.