Funny Apple video touts iPhone privacy advantages


Apple and privacy go hand in hand.
A new video features people oversharing their personal info. Apple says iPhones help users prevent the digital version of this.
Screenshot: Apple

People don’t walk around announcing their recent purchases to strangers. Or yell out to the whole office what they think of their coworkers. Or reveal where they live to people on the street. But they do violate their own privacy in a new Apple video, created to point out that owning a rival smartphone is the digital equivalent of oversharing.

Watch it now:

Snowboarders show how cool ‘slofies’ can be


A snowboarder takes a slofie
A snowboarder takes a slow-mo selfie with an iPhone 11.
Screencap : Apple

Apple doesn’t want iPhone 11 owners to forget they can record slofies: slow-motion video of themselves taken with the front-facing camera. As a reminder, the company posted a pair of selfie videos of professional snowboarders captured while they’re doing tricks.

Watch them now:

See the best iPadOS features in only 60 seconds


iPadOS 13 running on a iPad
iPadOS makes it easer to switch between running applications.
Photo: Apple

iPadOS just launched, and Apple wants tablet owners to know why they should upgrade. Its short video hits the highlights, like accessing full contents of USB drives, the advantages of editing video on a larger screen, and much more.

Watch it now:

Apple’s soothing ASMR iPhone videos will put you to sleep


Savor the rhythmic sounds of wood as it’s scraped and shaved into a work of art.
Photo: Apple

Apple hops on the ASMR trend with its latest series of shot on iPhone ads, created to help you relax no matter where you are.

ASMR — short for autonomous sensory meridian response — is the experience of weird “brain tingles” some people experience when they hear or see certain things. ASMR videos shot to popularity on YouTube recently, thanks to people who crank out soothing videos designed to make the back of your neck tingle.

Grab your AirPods and get ready to bliss out!