Funny Apple video demos why iPhone privacy matters


Apple: Keep Out, privacy
You keep people out of your bedroom, You should keep them out of your phone too.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s latest video is a humorous take a serious topic. It reminds users of this company’s commitment to privacy with the tagline: “If privacy matters in your life, it should matter to the phone your life is on.”

Watch it now:

Quirky Apple Pay videos urge iPhone users to text cash


Pay for your doughnut dash with help from Apple Pay.
Pay for your doughnut dash with help from Apple Pay.
Screenshot: Apple

It’s been a banner week for Apple Pay with big new retailers adopting this payment service. And now the company is piling on with a trio of short videos urging users to send money via the Messages app with Apple Pay Cash.

Like many  of this company’s videos, the entries in “They send, you spend” are both funny and informative.

Watch them now:

Apple busts out iPad Pro tips in new vids


Sketching with an Apple Pencil is the merest tip of the iceberg of Apple’s suggestions for making your iPad Pro more useful.
Sketching with an Apple Pencil is the merest tip of the iceberg of Apple’s suggestions for making your iPad Pro more productive.
Screenshot: Apple

Making your iPad Pro more useful is the theme of a series of short videos released today by Apple. Each takes a common task and briefly shows how it can be tackled with a iOS tablet and Apple Pencil.

There’re suggestions on creating presentations and podcasts, going paperless, and more. Watch all five videos now.

Watch Apple’s hilarious nature mockumentary about nerd herds


Self-deprecating humor rules in the Apple WWDC 2018 video about developers.
A little self-deprecating humor goes a long way in Apple's new video.
Photo: Apple

WWDC 2018 bug Cult of Mac Apple kicked off WWDC 2018 with what was perhaps the best damn video the company ever created.

Taking a page out of David Attenborough’s playbook, Apple crafted a hilarious nature mockumentary all about one of the world’s most extraordinary species — developers — making their annual journey to the great plains of WWDC.

Prepare to laugh your ass off at The Developer Migration!

New videos show off iPad’s best tricks


Side-by-side multitasking on iPad
Apple demos how easy side-by-side multitasking is on an iPad.
Graphic: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple wants to make sure iPad users know how to work with two apps at once, and also how an Apple Pencil can mark up screenshots. A couple of new videos walk users through each of these quickly and simply.

The video are likely timed to benefit people buying the new iPad, the first budget iOS tablet that supports the Apple Pencil.

Kids are the key to the future in Apple’s inspiring new video


apple ad
Children are the stars of Apple's new video.
Photo: Apple

Apple has an inspiring message for kids in its latest video that was shared during its educational event in Chicago today .

The inspiring new video talks about how “one person can change the world” by creating something that’s never been created before. While showing a bunch of children playing at school, the ad has voice-overs of the kids giving uplifting messages on how they view the future.

Check it out:

Let Apple take you on an iPhone X guided tour


Guided tour of iPhone X on YouTube
Are you ready for a guided tour of iPhone X?
Photo: Apple

Upgrading to iPhone X means facing a learning curve. Since Apple’s futuristic phone forgoes the familiar home button, iPhone X owners must learn a bunch of gestures.

Apple wants to make the transition as smooth as possible, so the company just uploaded a video to ease the pain of any iPhone X owner shellshocked by all that bright, shiny newness.

As crucial deadline approaches, Apple finally explains how Apple Music works


Apple Music
Apple is finally getting serious about explaining Apple Music to the masses.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

With just days to go before free Apple Music trials start to expire, Cupertino is finally getting serious about explaining exactly how its streaming music service works.

A new wave of “guided tour” videos demystifies Apple Music’s functionality and features — but will this marketing and educational push be too little, too late to stop a wave of defectors from leaving the fledgeling service at a critical time?