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Apple celebrates Ramadan and 4K video on the iPhone XS


Apple Ramadan
The meaning of Ramadan captured in 4K on the iPhone XS.
Screenshot: Apple/YouTube

Ramadan is a month of spiritual reflection for Muslims. Apple sought to honor the holiday with a 15-second “Shot on iPhone XS” spot featuring gorgeous video footage from two photographers from the Middle East.

Finding Balance is a series of sweeping landscapes around the United Arab Emirates. In each beautifully composed scene, people are reflected in water in the foreground to symbolize the self-reflection of the season.

There are people in solitude; one rides a bike, another is running while others seem to be enjoying their solitude in a quiet natural setting. There are also scenes of family and friends coming together.

According to The Drum, a news source for the marketing industry, Apple commissioned Ola Allouz of Dubai and Mansour AlSofi of Saudi Arabia to illustrate the holiday and the 4K video power on the iPhone XS.

The spot has been running on TV, online and movie screens and in outdoor ads throughout the Middle East during this month-long holiday.

Other key features of the campaign to promote that balance include the Health app and “Do Not Disturb” mode.