People can’t wait to get their hands on Apple Card


Apple Card
So far, Apple Card seems to be generating more excitement than this company’s TV service.
Photo: Apple

Apple unveiled four new services last week, including its much-anticipated lineup of TV shows, but the Apple credit card apparently stole the show.

A survey found that a whopping 85 percent of iPhone users are at least somewhat interested in this card, which is an adjunct to Apple Pay.

The survey, done by Business Insider, indicates that 42 percent of those with an iOS handset are extremely interested, and another 17 percent are very interested, in this credit card.

Only 15 percent of iPhone users said they weren’t at all interested.

There’s huge early demand for Apple Card among iPhone users.
There’s huge early demand for Apple Card among iPhone users.
Photo: Business Insider

More about the Apple Card

Apple Pay enables users to purchase items with their iPhone. But it is useless in situations in retailers don’t have the necessary NFC equipment, and in restaurants that can’t conduct financial transactions at the guests’ tables.

Apple’s answer is a physical, titanium credit card. This has no card number printed on it, making it more secure. And a fresh card number can be generated without replacing the hardware.

Purchases made with the card earn 1 percent cash back. Purchases made with an Apple Pay account linked to the card get 2 percent back on the amount of a purchase. That bumps up to 3 percent cash back on Apple products.