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Apple’s Netflix-for-games service could launch Monday


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Pay a monthly fee for a collection of iPhone and iPad games.
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The wait for details on Apple’s rumored games subscription service could be over as soon as Monday, according to a new report.

This will supposedly offer a bundle of iPhone and iPad titles for a monthly fee.

The first rumors of this service came to light earlier this year. It will involve Apple and developers cooperating to take games in the App Store and offer them as a subscription. There might also be new titles created for just this service.

It’s unclear how much how Apple’s gaming service will cost users. Developers will supposedly get a portion of the fees based on how much their games are played. Apple will, of course, take a cut off the top.

This offering could be announced on Monday, according to Bloomberg, who cites unnamed “people with knowledge of the plans.”

Apple’s games subscription service will face competition from the recently-announced Google Stadia. This will bring games to Mac, iPhone and iPad by running them on a server then streaming the video to the Chrome web browser.

Apple games and TV and magazines

With sales of its iPhone cashcow slowing, Apple is hoping to increase revenue from services to make up the shortfall. The company has scheduled a press event for the beginning of next week, with several new services widely expected to be on the docket, not just gaming subscriptions.

The highlight will likely be the Apple TV streaming service for which the company has been laying the groundwork for years. A digital magazine subscription service is also expected. Any and all of these could potentially be bundled together, along with Apple Music, additional iCloud storage and more.