iCloud problems make some Apple services shaky [Updated]


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It’s a bad day to be in Apple IT.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Update: The problems have apparently been fixed, as all the indicators on Apple’s System Status page are now green, and there are no outstanding issues listed.

If you’re having difficulties with some feature of iCloud, don’t reboot your computer or network because it’s not just you.

Apple’s official System Status page has lit up with a rash of yellow icons indicating problems.

iCloud isn’t down

There are issues in almost every aspect of iCloud, starting from signing in and including backing up files. There are problems with Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Reminders and many more. 

The System Status page doesn’t indicate that any of these services are offline, just that all of them have some kind of issue. Cult of Mac was able to do an online backup and access the contents of iCloud Drive.

The source of the problems is currently unknown. They will hopefully be fixed soon; the status page indicates that some issues have already been taken care of, through all the iCloud services are still marked as having problems.

Whatever the snafu, it isn’t affecting the company’s other online services. Apple Pay, Apple Maps,  Apple Music and many more are humming along.