Kruptos 2 can encrypt every sensitive file on your Mac for just $13 [Deals]


file encryption
Keep your sensitive files safe with this 256-Bit encryption.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Everybody knows web security is of primary importance at all times. So would it surprise you to learn that one of every 10 digital files is entirely unprotected? It should surprise you — especially because the real number is more than twice that. Yep, 21 percent of the world’s files have no security coverage at all.

If your hard drive resembles that remark, this would probably be a good time to armor up. With a lifetime license to Kruptos 2 FIle Encryption Professional plan service (now $12.95, 67 percent off), you’ll have easy-to-use file encryption for literally every file you need to be protected.

With Kruptos 2, you can essentially put any file, from bank statements and tax returns to photos, word documents and more, under password protected lock and key. Cloaked in 256-bit encryption, you can’t even open a Kruptos 2-fortified file without the proper password. There’s also a password analyzer that’ll let you know if your passwords a too easy to crack. You’ll even get a host of added security features like cloud backup, file sharing, and a file shredder that permanently erases files you don’t want to be seen by anyone.

Email attachments can be encrypted or you can designate files set to self-decrypt when you decide. With all those security power, you can lock down all your information and let everybody know you’re like the CIA when it comes to top-secret data.

Buy Now: Set up your Mac now with Kruptos 2 for two-thirds off the regular price, just $12.95.