Pick up a new language with this interactive iPhone app [Deals]


Learn up to 130 languages with a lifetime subscription to the uTalk app language learning app.
Learn up to 130 languages with a lifetime subscription to the uTalk app.
Image: Cult of Mac Deals

The benefits of learning a second language are endless. Get fluent, and you can cruise around like a local during trips abroad, expand your business to overseas markets or simply keep your brain stimulated.

Luckily, diving into a new language doesn’t need to be limited to a classroom setting. The uTalk interactive language app makes learning a foreign language simple, fun, effective and convenient. And right now, you can save a bundle on a lifetime subscription to this powerful learning tool.

The uTalk app gives you the ability to learn up to 140 different languages, including Chinese, French, German and Spanish. The visual language games in uTalk aim to improve users’ speaking and listening skills, all while boosting memorization.

uTalk’s trusted product keeps people motivated by pinpointing both sides of a learner’s brain. With 25 years of experience in language learning, uTalk has helped more than 30 million people expand their verbal horizons.

Learn today: Get a lifetime subscription to uTalk in one language for $14.99, six languages for $24.99, 22 languages for $99.99 or 130 languages for $299.99.