Rare diamonds and gold send Lux Apple Watch price soaring above $1 million


Lux Apple Watch
This is the $58,995 version of Brikk's Lux Apple Watch series 4.
Photo: Brikk

If you think $529 is a lot to pay for a new Apple Watch then you aren’t the target market for a Lux Watch 4. These are produced by Brikk, who takes Apple’s wearable and lavishes on gold and precious gems, Prices start at a mere $28,995 and go up to over $1 million.

Narcissism and meglomania sold separately.

At the heart of all these designs is a standard Apple Watch Series 4 with a 44mm screen. The only difference is the casing and band.

An over-the-top Lux Apple Watch

The least expensive version is the Lux Watch 4 Classic, which features an 18K gold casing available in yellow, rose, or white gold. It comes with an alligator leather strap and is $28,995. Swapping for a gold band raises the cost to $58,995.

Adding emeralds or diamonds to that design brings the price up to $43,995 or $73,995 for the alligator or gold bands.

The Lux Watch 4 Omni is fully encrusted with diamonds or emeralds. Prices range from $68,995 to $228,995.

But that’s just the start. Brikk is willing to customize a Lux Apple Watch with rare blue and violet diamonds or red emeralds. Prices for these wearables depend on the jewels chosen but can go over $1 million.

There’s no word on whether Brikk offers versions with 40mm screens for $30 less.

If there’s still some money left in your offshore account the IRS knows nothing about, this same company also offers $10,000 gold AirPods.