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Rare diamonds and gold send Lux Apple Watch price soaring above $1 million


Lux Apple Watch
This is the $58,995 version of Brikk's Lux Apple Watch series 4.
Photo: Brikk

If you think $529 is a lot to pay for a new Apple Watch then you aren’t the target market for a Lux Watch 4. These are produced by Brikk, who takes Apple’s wearable and lavishes on gold and precious gems, Prices start at a mere $28,995 and go up to over $1 million.

Narcissism and meglomania sold separately.

$10,000 gold AirPods aren’t a sound decision


gold AirPods
Spend like a rock star these 24K yellow gold AirPods.
Photo: Brikk

Lose one of your AirPods and you might be mad that you have to pay the Apple Store for a replacement.

But basic anger and $69 won’t begin to cover the loss of an AirPod when the set was purchased through accessory company Brikk, which offers a pair in 24K yellow gold for $10,000.

24k gold iPhone dock comes with a nice charity donation


A gold plinth worthy of your iPhone.
Photo: Brikk

From magnetic chargers to levitating ones, one thing we’ve learned in 2016 it’s that apparently nobody likes to just plug their iPhone in and charge it regularly.

If that includes your good self, you may be interested in a new ultra-luxury Lightning Dock, released by Los Angeles-based premium technology products maker, Brikk.

Available in 24k gold yellow gold, 18k rose gold, and 950 platinum, the docks will make any visitors to your house say, “wow, that guy/girl sure has an expensive-looking iPhone dock.”

Diamond-encrusted iPhone 6s makes Apple Watch Edition look cheap


Brikk iPhone 6s
When it comes out, Brikk will have an opulent iPhone 6s just for you.
Photo: Brikk

We don’t even know for sure what the unrevealed iPhone 6s is going to look like, but that isn’t stopping one company from opening up preorders for ridiculously expensive and extravagant custom versions of Apple’s upcoming handset.

Luxury design company Brikk will pre-sell you blinged-up versions of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and if you have $206,000 or so lying around that you’d love to spend on a phone you haven’t even seen yet, they have a model for you.