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Apple switches up orders for iPhone XR to avoid delays


iPhone XR
The LCD iPhone XR could be Apple's most popular new handset.
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Apple is shifting orders for the iPhone XR between its suppliers to make sure that there are as few supply constraints as possible when the device finally launches in October.

According to a new report, Apple originally split orders for the iPhone XR primarily between Pegatron and Foxconn, with Pegatron scoring 50 to 60 percent of orders and Foxconn taking 30 percent. However, Apple has now given Foxconn up to half of Pegatron’s orders, due to lower-than-expected yield rates from Pegatron and a shortage of workers at its plants in China.

Pegatron will instead be handling just 30 percent of iPhone XR orders.

Production issues with the iPhone XR

It’s no secret that Apple has had some production issues with the iPhone XR — which likely explains why it was pushed back to October, rather than launching alongside the recent iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus.

Prior to Apple’s media event earlier this month, one report claimed there had been “minor complications” with the iPhone XR display. Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty also reported back in July that Apple’s manufacturers were experience problems with the handset’s LED backlight leakage.

Today’s news report claims that the supply of LCD panels from Japan Display for the production of the iPhone XR “has not been steady.”

Potentially compounding the problem is the fact that Apple may have been surprised by the enthusiasm for its LCD handset. Shortly after Apple unveiled the new iPhones, reports surfaced suggesting that Apple was revising the ratio of its total iPhone orders for December — so that the iPhone XR will make up more than 50 percent of its handsets manufactured.

The iPhone XR will be available for preorder on October 19, before the device hits shelves on October 26.

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Source: Digitimes