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Samsung’s expensive foldable phone is sounding more likely


This early prototype Samsung foldable phone suggests how the Galaxy X might look.
The so-called Galaxy Flex be Samsung’s first foldable phone.
Screenshot: Samsung

Fresh details have come to light about the foldable smartphone Samsung supposedly plans to introduce next year. Such devices could shake up the entire smartphone industry.

An inside source has leaked the size and a bit about the shape of this upcoming model. The price has also leaked, and it’s a whopper.

Samsung is just one of several companies reportedly working on foldable phones. It might be ahead of the game, though. The foldable iPhone isn’t expected until 2020 at the earliest.

Bendable Samsung Winner specs

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Samsung foldable phone will have a 7-inch screen when it’s open. It will be able to close up like a wallet. This is in line with a previous report that indicated that this flexible model will have a 7.3-inch OLED display.

When folded, there’ll be a small display bar on the front and cameras on the back, according to the WSJ‘s unnamed sources, which are described as “people familiar with the matter.” There have been questions about how large the external display will be, and the answer now seems to be “not very.”

Internally, the code-name is “Winner,” according to the WSJ sources. Previous unconfirmed reports have dubbed it the Samsung Galaxy X.

Currently, other details about this device remain a mystery. It’s generally accespted that the flexible device will run Google’s Android operating system like most other Samsung smartphones. Processor speed, storage capacity, and other specifications are anyone’s guess.

Sticker shock for Samsung foldable phone

Reports on the price range from the WSJ‘s $1500 to one from Kim Jang-yeol of Golden Bridge Investment who said the cutting-edge smartphone will go for about $1800.

The WSJ and previous sources all agree that the this foldable phone will be introduced in the first half of 2019.

Samsung supposedly understands that the high price will make it a niche product at first. If it sells well at launch, the company hopes to make a broader release in the second half of 2019.