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iPhone vs. Android could be ruining your dating life


50% of women say old phones are a turn off.
Photo: Annapurna Interactive

Do you find it hard to score a hot date? Well, using an Android phone could be one of the reasons your dating life is in the trash.

A recent survey of U.S. singles found that 70 percent of eligible people prefer to date an iPhone owner over an Android user. Many of those surveyed said the iPhone is a more sophisticated and high-quality option. For them, Samsung puts off the wrong vibe.

“iPhones are classier, when I think of Samsung I just think it’s kinda bummy,” said one respondent to Decluttr’s fascinating survey.

For women, nearly 50 percent called old phones a turnoff. Meanwhile, over one-third of men surveyed said they think a cracked screen indicates someone lacks personal care and financial security.

The survey found that nearly 40 percent of iPhone users think your phone affects the initial impression you have of a date.

Android owners can’t go with the flow

iPhone owners might come off as a bit stuck up in the survey. However, it turns out that Android owners are less receptive to users of other platforms.

Only half of Android users said they’re open to dating someone with an iPhone. Meanwhile, 65 percent of iPhone users said they’d get down with an Android owner.

“iPhones are overpriced and overly fragile, and if my date had one, I could potentially assume that he may make unfavorable financial and/or purchasing decisions,” said one Android lover.

In terms of tech etiquette, iPhone users are more likely to cancel at the last minute or end a relationship with a heartbreaking text. Taking bathroom pit stops to text a friend is also more common among iPhone users.