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iPhone vs. Android could be ruining your dating life


50% of women say old phones are a turn off.
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Do you find it hard to score a hot date? Well, using an Android phone could be one of the reasons your dating life is in the trash.

A recent survey of U.S. singles found that 70 percent of eligible people prefer to date an iPhone owner over an Android user. Many of those surveyed said the iPhone is a more sophisticated and high-quality option. For them, Samsung puts off the wrong vibe.

Romantimatic Automates The “Thinking Of You“ Texts You Can’t Be Bothered To Send



You know how you really, really love your significant other? And how you like to remind him/her of just how important they are to you by sending sweet little messages to them every day? Well, now there’s an app for that, letting even the most forgetful, self-centered idiot make himself look like the most romantic person in the world. Behold, Romantimatic, probably the first app ever to combine pink and cogs into a single logo.

3-D-Printed iPhone Case Solidifies Sound Waveforms Forever


Make a custom iPhone case showing any sound wave you like, frozen in time
Make a custom iPhone case showing any sound wave you like, frozen in time

Until now, most of the 3-D printed items I have seen have been slightly scratchy, brittle-feeling plastic prototypes sent to me by Kickstarter pitch-men.

But now Shapeways has teamed up with SoundCloud to bring us this cool-looking iPhone case which really shows the potential of 3-D printing. Using a custom app, you can freeze the sound-wave of your favorite piece of music and have it immortalized in a plastic case.

Match.com Survey Reveals Android Users Prefer One Night Stands While iPhone Users Are Most Likely To Get Busy With A Coworker



A recent Match.com survey of Canadian smartphone users has revealed some interesting patterns surrounding one’s love life in regards to the mobile operating system they use. Cell phones have become a huge part in how we communicate and build relationships, whether through talking, email, or texting. 75 percent of Canadian singles seem to agree with that, and here’s what Match.com found out about their relationship habits and what mobile OS they happen to use:

Romantic In-App Proposal Leads To Real Life Wedding Thanks To iOS Game Dev [Video]


Screen Shot 2012-01-05 at 10.49.43 AM

There are many excellent and original ways to propose to your significant other. For example, I once proposed to a girlfriend on a tethered skydive by shouting into her ear at a dangerously low 1500 feet: “Will you marry me and should I pull this ripcord?” To this day, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more enthusiastically (some might even say hysterically) shrieked affirmation of love.

That’s one way to do it. Of course, a less dramatic (and some might argue, more romantic) way to do it, if your girlfriend is an iOS gamer, is to reach out to the developer of her favorite game and ask him to bake a wedding proposal into his app for you.