Apple Photo Lab serves up free pro tips for iPhone photogs


Apple Photo Lab
Apple Photo Lab will bring pro-level skills to your iPhone photographs.
Photo: Chase Jarvis/YouTube

Apple and photographer Chase Jarvis, who built CreativeLive into one of the world’s top online education platforms, have teamed up to teach pro tips to iPhone photographers who visit their local Apple Store.

Apple Photo Lab, announced by Jarvis in San Francisco Thursday, will roll out in more than 500 Apple Stores across the world.

Jarvis, who wrote one of the first books on mobile photography, has built the Photo Lab curriculum for local creatives to give “hands-on fun and immersive exercises built on Chase’s three techniques” – connecting with a subject, composing the frame and shaping the light.

In announcing the news to followers on his YouTube channel, Jarvis mentioned Apple is also working with English pop star Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine on a similar program called Apple Music Lab, but details have not been announced.

Apple Photo Lab advances universal language

Jarvis said photography has evolved into a global universal language and Apple is an ideal partner in reaching aspiring photographers around the world. The Apple website already lists Photo Lab events at Apple Stores. Education events at the stores have been an increasingly important party of Apple’s retail strategy.

“This is a cool next step because it allows me to put vision in an in-real-life experience with Apple with them having such an amazing global footprint and having created the most popular camera in the world,” Jarvis said in a YouTube video that documented the announcement of Photo Lab at the Eden Square Apple Store in San Francisco.

Jarvis co-founded CreativeLive in 2010 and is now its CEO. Within three years, CreativeLive had more than 2 million users tuning in to take tutorials in photography, design, music and audio and other art platforms. A live broadcast will attract from 20,000 to 60,000 students.

Students of CreativeLive lessons can tune in for free when a class is live or pay a fee to download it.