Improved TinType app gives selfies old-timey feel


TinType app
The TinType app makes use of the TrueDepth technology for a more authentic shallow depth of field.
Photo: Hipstamatic

Instant gratification, the kind you get from a selfie, used to come on a thin sheet of iron.

A tintype photo was novel and relatively immediate in the late 19th century. Have your picture made then wait while the photographer developed the image. After a few minutes, you had a photo to share.

Users of the TinType app by Hipstamatic have been bringing that distinctive and, at times, haunting aesthetic to portraits and selfies since 2012.

olloclip’s new X lenses work with latest iPhones at last


new olloclip mounts
olloclip releases lens mounts so its Connect X lenses fit the three newest iPhones.
Photo: olloclip

olloclip Connect X lenses will now fit on the iPhone XR and XS models thanks to new mounting clips rolled out today.

The release of dedicated clips for Apple’s latest flagship handsets comes two weeks after olloclip announced new Pro and intro lenses in the Connect X line-up. The new lenses were designed after the release of the iPhone X to cover larger image sensors.

RAW Power brings new powerful photo editing tools to Mac, iOS


RAW Power
RAW Power for Mac 2.0.
Photo: Gentlemen Coders

Photographers who use the RAW Power software get a new slew of tools today with the release of a 2.0 version for both Mac and iOS.

RAW Power 2.0 brings new adjustments for chromatic aberration, perspective, a monochrome mixer and a new set of features that deepen the richness of photos called Enhance.

Moment releases sharpest iPhone telephoto lens yet


Best iPhone photo accessories
The 58 mm telephoto lens.
Photo: Moment

Mobile photography lensmaker Moment just launched a redesigned telephoto attachment for the iPhone, boasting that it’s sharper than any other smartphone glass on the market.

The 58mm lens works on single- or dual-lens handsets. Pair it with the iPhone XS for a true 100mm optical reach.

olloclip’s new Pro lenses make iPhone cameras even better


olloclip lenses
Going wide with the new Super-Wide Pro lens from olloclip.
Photo: olloclip

olloclip, one of the best brands in smartphone lens attachments, today rolled out a new line of Pro and intro lenses that will expand the view of the iPhone’s native camera.

The new lenses, which include super-wide and telephoto pro lenses, are part of olloclip’s expanding Connect X line, a mount-lens system developed for the iPhone X.

Creative hack gives you stunning iPhone macro shots


Paul Adshead
Making a macro lens is easy. Shooting with it is another story.
Photo: Paul Adshead/Fstoppers

Commercial photographer Paul Adshead could have spent a few bucks for a macro lens attachment for his iPhone. Instead, a MacGyver-type of a hack gave him a lens and ethereal macro photos that seem achievable with only a high-powered microscope.

Feeling adventurous and uninspired by his smartphone photos, Adshead harvested an internal lens from a 1990s-era CD drive and, with a little tack-it putty, affixed it to his iPhone.

Shoot cinematic steady video with your iPhone [Deals]


Easily shoot ultra steady video and take crisp photos with this flexible, stable gimbal for iPhone and GoPro.
Easily shoot ultra steady video and take crisp photos with this flexible, stable gimbal for iPhone and GoPro.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

iPhone sure takes nice pictures and video. But no matter how great the camera is, keeping the camera steady matters just as much for getting a great shot. And that’s true of photos and videos, holding still or on the move.

Brass grip gives iPhone camera feel and control of a DSLR


Pictar Pro
Get a grip on your iPhone when shooting pictures or video with the Pictar Pro
Photo: miggö

Each new iPhone and its ever-improving camera tends to stir up talk about the demise of the DSLR.

Yet, there are just some key features of a conventional camera’s form factor that relegates the iPhone to the casual camera category.

But the photography accessories company miggö has developed – and now improved – a nifty attachment dubbed Pictar tp bring DSLR-like speed and ergonomics to the iPhone.

Beautygate: Apple might ‘fix’ iPhone XS selfie camera


Some people get better looking with age and some get better looking with the iPhone XS.
Screenshot: Unboxing Therapy/YouTube

The selfie camera on the iPhone XS may soon return your sudden good looks back to your old face. Apple is reportedly working to dial back some of the effects from its front-facing camera after several complaints of unnatural skin hue, glow, and smoothness.

Shortly after the iPhone XS and XS Max got into the hands of eager upgraders one week ago, users took to Twitter, Reddit and YouTube about their experiences with the front-facing camera.

LG latest smartphone to one-up Apple on camera count


LG V40
The LG V40 and its many cameras.
Photo: LG

Korean electronic’s giant LG is teasing the rollout of a new smartphone with multiple cameras.

The LG V40 will feature three cameras on the back plus two front-facing cameras, joining Samsung and Huawei in what is shaping up to be a marketing war featuring the phone with the most cameras.