iOS concept brings Touch Bar to the iPhone


TouchBar concept
TouchBar on iOS doesn't make much sense.
Photo: Eyad Murshid

Apple’s Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro hasn’t been as big a hit as the company would have wished for, but it could make a comeback at an unlikely location: the iPhone.

A concept artist has imagined what it would look like if Apple brought the Touch Bar to iOS and while it may seem like an odd fit at first, it actually might be pretty useful.

Check it out:

iOS touch bar

The GitHub page for the Touch Bar concept shows how the Touch Bar can adapt to certain situations. Instead of pulling up Control Center, you could adjust brightness and volume from the Touch Bar. It could also be used to increase your typing speed.

iOS already has a predictive text toolbar. Adding a second toolbar to the top of the keyboard would certainly add a lot of clutter to the UI. It’s not nearly as useful as Touch Bar on Mac though.

Having quick access to numbers is one of the other Touch Bar benefits listed by the concept creator. Developers would be able to use a Touch Bar API to customize what they want the Touch Bar to show.

Apple won’t be including the Touch Bar concept in iOS 12 (or probably ever). Instead, the company is focusing on making iOS 12 more stable and faster than ever, while also adding some much-needed UI improvements. Check out the full list of iOS 12 changes.