This Steve Jobs business card is a pricey addition to your Rolodex


Steve Jobs business card
A Steve Jobs Apple business card and three sheets of letterhead is for sale on eBay.
Photo: MG Service/eBay

It’s hard to imagine Steve Jobs ever needing to pass out business cards. But even for titans of industry, business cards were standard issue and if you happened to have one from Jobs, its worth a few bucks.

A seller on eBay is hoping to get $9,000 for a couple of Jobs business cards and a few sheets of his Apple letterhead stationary.

The seller, MG Service, has the items over two lots: One for $5,000, comes with a card and three sheets of stationery. The second for $4,000 includes a card and one sheet of stationery.

The price sounds outrageous, but MG Service may have based the value based on past sales of Jobs-related ephemera. In 2015, three Jobs’ business cards, one from Apple, another from NeXT and the other from Pixar, sold at auction for $10,050.

Jobs, Apple’s co-founder who is credited with starting the personal computing revolution, passed away in 2011 and any item proven to have passed through his hands fetches large sums in sales and auctions.

These two eBay listings offer little proof of authenticity. MG Service, which has a 100 percent rating on eBay and also sells components for computer restorations, said the cards and stationery are from retired Apple employees.

The cards show the name “Steven P. Jobs” with no title. There is the rainbow-striped Apple logo along with the Mariani Avenue address in Cupertino, and two phone number, one of which is said to have gone to Jobs’ office.

The seller says the cards are from 1985 shortly before Jobs was forced to exit the company he founded, which may explain why no title is listed. Various versions of an Apple business card, some with titles other not, are known to exist. The Apple Museum in Prague has a Jobs business card on display that looks identical to the ones on eBay.