Cheap box brings HomeKit-powered sprinklers to the masses


Eve Aqua
Meet the Eve Aqua.
Photo: Elgato

Adding a smartphone-controlled sprinkler system to your house just became insanely affordable feature thanks to a little black box made by the folks at Elgato.

The Eve Aqua aims to turn dumb water faucets into smart water systems by adding Apple’s HomeKit technology to the scene. Watering your lawn is as about to become just a Siri command away.

Elgato has been busting out some of our favorite HomeKit devices over the past few years, but if you hate taking care of your yard, the Eve Aqua might be the company’s best breakthrough yet. The small little black box connects to any traditional water faucet to add an array of smart features for under $100.

Smart Sprinklers

Activating your sprinklers with Siri isn’t all the Eve Aqua is good for. You can set schedules to start water automatically at specific times on certain days. The auto shut-off feature ensures you don’t flood your garden and can estimate how much water you’ve used so you can track your consumption.

If you’ve got kids, you’ll love the child lock that prevents any unwanted watering. Setup is easily done over Bluetooth and doesn’t require a bridge connection like a lot of early HomeKit devices did.

The Eve Aqua goes on sale on June 25th for $99.95. Elgato also announced a new portable LED lamp that’s HomeKit control. The Eve Flare is also water resistant and packs wireless charging. It’s initially launching in Europe on June 25 for €99.95.