Maxed-out iMac Pro will make your eyes water and your wallet empty


iMac Pro
What a beautiful, beautiful, expensive machine.
Photo: Apple/Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple’s celebrated iMac Pro is finally available to buy, but it’s gonna cost you! The “basic” model will set you back only $4,999. But if you decide to shell out for the top-of-the-line version, your wallet is going to feel a whole lot lighter.

How much lighter? Checking all the boxes to upgrade the machine to its full potential brings the total iMac Pro price to a massive $13,926.98.

You do get an insanely great Mac for that amount, though. The fully kitted-out version includes a 2.3GHz 18-core Intel Xeon W processor, with a Turbo Boost up to 4.3GHz. Then there’s 128GB OF 2666MHz DDR4 ECC memory, 4TB OF SSD storage, a Radeon Pro Vega 64 graphics card with 16GB of HBM2 memory, a Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Trackpad 2 (both in sleek space gray), a VESA Mount Adapter Kit (also in space gray) and a space gray Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad. Plus, that hot new black Lightning cable.

Oh, and they’ll throw in Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X just cos they like ‘ya!

Since only the 8- and 10-core versions are available today, you’ll be waiting six to eight weeks for your new iMac Pro, which means you won’t be able to use it over the holidays. But that probably saves you a Christmas of flinching every time your enthusiastic young niece or nephew runs anywhere near your office.

iMac Pro pricing: It’s all about the money

As pricey as this is, it’s actually not the most expensive Mac Apple ever built. The fully maxed 2013-era Mac Pro, the predecessor to Apple’s current powerhouse pro machine, came to a whopping $20,934.45.

That price tag also shouldn’t shock people who remember buying high-spec Macs during the 1990s. Back in 1996, the top-end PowerBook 5300ce laptop (which was aimed at regular consumers in a way that the iMac Pro certainly isn’t) came with a $6,500 price tag, the equivalent of $10,218.92 today. (Check out our post on the most expensive Apple devices ever made.)

Our thoughts on spending $13,926.98 on a Mac? Well, it’s great if you can afford it — but we’re certainly concerned about laying down that kind of money for a machine you’re not going to be able to easily upgrade any time soon.

  • Richard Ludwig

    “Our thoughts on spending $13,926.98 on a Mac? Well, it’s great if you can afford it — but we’re certainly concerned about laying down that kind of money for a machine you’re not going to be able to easily upgrade any time soon.”

    If you’re getting the fully upgraded iMac, you wouldn’t need to worry about upgrades because you maxed out the upgrades.

    • Robert Johnson

      This is for professional user – so it’s worth it for them

  • Terence Riley

    Please Dear God, lets not have the “Creative Types” start crying about a Pro machine that they BEGGED for. This is just an interm step. OK? Get It? A redesigned Trash Can is coming with the ability to upgrade. So you have to pony up and buy your RAM upfront, and your video card. Bo ho. So your one and a half sitting fee goes to towards a new computer that you told Tim Cook to build and now you want to complain that its too expensive? Please! So here’s a rock n’ roll machine, 3.0 10 core, turbo to 4.5 GHz, 128GB, ECC, 2TB SSD, Radeon Pro ^$ 16 GB , MM2, Track Pad 2 Keyboard with num , no vesa mount $9, 748.00. Thats a lot less than $13,000.00! Now go out and spec out a Sager, an I Buy Power, a Top Line Asus 21″ $9,999.99, or a Lenovo with an NVIDIA Quadro 5000 for $7,000. This stuff is expensive. The i7 Kaby Lake 27″ that I’m going to order with my annual bonus is $2,800.00. Thats my budget. For the rest of you who are in a higher tax bracket than me, shut up, buy the Pro, and enjoy it. It’s a BEAST. Within 2 weeks, everyone will be singing its paise. Then we’re going to have to put up with the rediculus 10 things I hate about my iMac Pro. If you hate it so much, I’ll be more than happy to haul it away for you free of charge and I’ll even give you a reciept for your taxes. So lets drop the bs hate and enjoy a good machine. You want something to mod down the road. wait a few more months and you’ll get it. And leave the price whining at home, yes it’s going to be expensive if you couldn’t figure that out by now. Have a good Holiday and be nice someone you like.