This tiny gadget brings 360-degree video shooting to iPhone


Fishball 360-degree video lens
Fishball is all you need to shoot VR video on iPhone.
Photo: Fishball

Now that you can edit 360-degree video in Final Cut Pro, you might get the urge to shoot your very own immersive videos. The iPhone can’t do that all by itself (yet), but it can if you add this tiny gadget.

It’s called Fishball, and it’s the world’s first 360-degree lens for iPhone. All you have to do is clip it on and you’re good to go.

You can buy 360-degree cameras that are compatible with iPhone, but Fishball is different. It isn’t a standalone device; it’s an accessory for your iPhone’s camera. That means it never needs charging, or its own storage.

It also means that all the videos you shoot are saved on your iPhone, so you don’t need to transfer content from one device to another. And it makes Fishball significantly more affordable that dedicated 360-degree cameras.

Fishball costs as little as $59

Fishball clips onto your iPhone and is good to go right away. It’s compatible with iPhone 7 and above (including iPhone X). The free companion app makes 360-degree video recording possible, and allows you to upload directly to social media and video sharing platforms.

Fishball promises seamless video stitching that eliminates the parallax effect you might experience with other 360-degree lenses. Your recordings can be viewed on your iPhone and other flat devices, or in immersive virtual reality using a VR headset.

Fishball launches in 2018

Fishball has already surpassed its funding goal on Indiegogo and is scheduled to start shipping next June. But there’s still time to order your at early bird pricing. For just $59 — down from $127 — you’ll get Fishball itself, a carrying case, and a lens cloth.