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This tiny gadget brings 360-degree video shooting to iPhone


Fishball 360-degree video lens
Fishball is all you need to shoot VR video on iPhone.
Photo: Fishball

Now that you can edit 360-degree video in Final Cut Pro, you might get the urge to shoot your very own immersive videos. The iPhone can’t do that all by itself (yet), but it can if you add this tiny gadget.

It’s called Fishball, and it’s the world’s first 360-degree lens for iPhone. All you have to do is clip it on and you’re good to go.

Facebook’s 360-degree video now on iOS (and in ads)


Facebook is killing your battery.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Facebook continues to embrace virtual reality (VR) on its ubiquitous social networking platform with 360-degree video support for iOS. Zuckerberg’s big blue is also opening up its VR platform to advertisers, like AT&T, Corona , Samsung, and Walt Disney World, in the form of “immersive stories.”

Kogeto Ships Dot, 360-Degree Panoramic Vid Camera for iPhone With a Twist



This is pretty wild: the Kogeto Dot ($80) is a 360-degree lens that snaps onto the back of an iPhone 4, shoots 360-degrees worth of video; then a player in the cloud (if you upload the clip) or on your iPhone 4 in the form of Kogeto’s free Looker app (if you keep the clip on your phone) allows you to play the app and change to any viewpoint in a 360-degree circle during playback.