Twitter reacts to iPhone X preorder nightmare


iPhone X pre-order
How was your pre-order experience?
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Apple made iPhone X available to preorder at 12:01 a.m. Pacific today. Like many iPhone launches, it turned out a complete nightmare — and it left lot of fans feeling disappointed.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to Apple’s biggest, most frustrating iPhone launch in years.

What went wrong with iPhone X launch?

Preordering an iPhone X was a complete mess for me.

I was fully prepared. I had already picked the model I wanted in the Apple Store app. I ensured my payment and shipping details were updated. And I got up early so that I was ready to go when preorders opened at 8:01 a.m. in the U.K.

But for me, they didn’t open at 8:01 a.m. Both the Apple Store app and the online store remained down long after others claimed their shiny new handset. The app finally let me in around 8:08 a.m., at which point, shipping times for all models had slipped to two to three weeks.

Others endured a similarly heartbreaking experience as the iPhone X launch turned into Apple’s most chaotic sellout in years.

Not everyone got a fair shot

It’s not clear why it took so long for the store to appear for some customers. It’s certainly not that Apple prioritized certain markets, since I know a number of people in the U.K. — including Cult of Mac’s own Ste Smith — who were able to preorder before me.

Others had access to the store and were able to start the preorder process, but were then pushed back by carrier activation.

It is believed Apple will have just 2 million to 3 million iPhone X units available at launch, which is why initial supplies will have sold out so quickly. That doesn’t explain why some customers could preorder before others, however.

It also doesn’t explain why many carriers were ready to take preorders before Apple.

Did carriers make a deal with Apple?

Philip Berne has a theory on why carriers might be selling iPhone X first.

Some fans were still bemoaning iPhone X’s hefty price tag, a month after it was confirmed.

Frustrated fans suggested some things Apple could do to ease the pain (you know, other than fixing its app and online store so that everyone gets a fair shot at placing a preorder).

Some customers got lucky

Of course, there were plenty of customers who were lucky enough to bag an iPhone X for launch day delivery on November 3.

Did you preorder your iPhone X in time?

Were you one of the lucky ones? Did you secure an iPhone X for November 3 delivery, or will you be waiting longer? Let us know your experience down in the comments!

  • Manuel Ortiz III

    Man I had the same problems as others from the start of the article iPU preapproved and site didn’t work until 9 minutes later. First iPhone to not have a launch. Shakes head

    • Trilobite Russ

      Yes seemed that 2/3’s of us just did not luck out and get into the app in time for whatever reasons of server overloads, better iPS to connect or whatever.

  • imtough

    I ordered mine through AT&T at 4 AM-didn’t seem to have a problem

    • Emmanuel Lemor

      Right but you didn’t get a Nov. 3rd delivery date

  • Tomi Fazzio

    Got in the Apple Store app at 4:04am and already the T-Mobile phones were slipped by 1-2 weeks, so I got my 256GB silver X to ship between the 10th and 17th November, overall satisfied but I was a bit upset because I couldn’t get it for the 3rd, but oh well..
    I used a Mac with an auto refresh extension reloading the Apple website every 3 secs, and also an iPad and iPhone quitting and reopening the Apple Store app, until my iPhone got in, I ordered and the other devices hadn’t even gotten in..

  • Glenn Gore

    Same as everyone else it seems, the app did not go live until 8-9 minutes after the hour. I had done all the pre-qualifying as a member of the annual upgrade program earlier in the week, so completing the purchase once the app started responding was an easy process and I will receive my iPhone X by shipment sometime November 17-24. That’s not too horrible, I will live.

    • Trilobite Russ

      Yes will live but having done the preapproval (and it was fast when I finally connected 12 past hour to Finnish) it was disappointing to not have a chance to get in under 5 minuts like I did last year in scoring my 7Plus on launch day

  • Peter Ricci

    Was able to get in at 3:02 already have the upgrade program had 4 phones all set and pre-approved to upgrade. Very smooth all 4 coming 11/3. First year it’s gone as planned. Also first year using Apple’s upgrade plans.

  • Jason Rhodin

    I can’t even…. do the store app wouldn’t refresh. Started at att site got in the que 10 minute wait took 15. Then some weird redirect error occurred and I was booted. Went back to Apple app and was able to reserve the iPhone x but said couldn’t connect to carrier (also said 2-3 weeks)and they would contact in 24 hours. So I tried to go to sleep but I really couldn’t so about an hour later I checked the app and there was magically some extra steps to check out showing, so did all that new estimate 5-8 weeks. So much for being “reserved”.decided to jump back on att To see if anything would go through, placed an order with an expected delivery of nov 10th? I am so confused and tired. Yay pre order!

    • Trilobite Russ

      Yes for the majority the store app on the phone was not a success having to wait past 5 minutes I knew my chances for opening day delivery were done. November 17-24 is not a disaster just not my preference and better than all the dire warnings of shortages until next year ;-)

  • Jake

    Apple Store app screwed up my information when I put my DOB etc. in. After hitting save the first time it prompted me with a message could debit cards. Unbeknownst to me, after clicking through the app had changed my info back to default and screwed up the information for the upgrade program. Didn’t figure this out until hours later and my shipping date in mid-December. I do have a reservation number from my original attempt and it says it will hold a phone for me for 24 hrs. Not sure if that will help when I call Apple

  • 1/1250th ISO25600

    i’m USA EST, i used apple store app on iphone got in right at 3:01am, but the app would not accept my verizon pin. i had to bail and go to verizon’s website at 3:15am in a total panic. verizons website was a bit sluggish at times, but generally i walked right in and bought a 64gb silver X without issue or delay, confirmation email took about 30mins. i got really lucky considering my late start. looks like word is out on the apple store app, and the carrier websites might have been the quickest way in?

  • Steve Gonzales

    They promised me delivery on Nov 4, then it was Nov 24. Nice. #fail.

  • Joss Brightwell

    Managed to preorder one for delivery in the UK on the 3rd while using a dodgy 3G connection high up in the Japanese mountains. Easy.

  • I have an apple reservation code, and a confirmed 11/03 delivery from Verizon. Apple should allow reservation cancellation.

  • Aw geez I’ve always preordered though Apple instead of carriers as I assume it will be the fastest process. Same as everyone else couldn’t get into the store app until 8min past the hour. Shipping time slipped to 2-3 weeks, not the worst, but I’ve never had trouble in past generations getting an iPhone on launch day :/

    • Trilobite Russ

      same issue not terrible but for seeming we could get launch day still disappointed — a true 1st world problem LOL

  • nicknack24601

    Refreshed the page every 10 seconds. Website went live at 3:04 ET. Opened Apple store app and had confirmation for my phone on Nov 3 at 3:07am no issues.

    • Trilobite Russ

      That worked last year fo rme and I was doing full enrollment for first time in IUP program. this year with the preapproval and all it did not I could not get in until 2:12 CDT Illinois and of course got the common November 17-24 delivery slippage

  • Amaan

    As that theory states, I went onto the Verizon app and got it with ease. I even forgot my verizon password, got locked out of my account, went to reset my password and resigned in all in time to still buy mine!

  • Sarah Rinker

    I had the same issues with all the errors, before that I had the reservation message as well. I have no idea what it means and I’m on hold with Apple trying to find out. I was to mad to get to sleep, thank goodness I’m on the west coast and today is a state holiday for us!

    • Jason Cramer

      I think it means that your carrier had cuddled up to Apple and was allowed to sell the phones first through their own website, and during that whole process the carriers rejected all carrier activations through Apple’s store until that first 10 or 15 minutes had gone by. So Apple compromised and gave you a reservation for a phone because the activation was getting error’d out.

      I believe that just means that you’re able to get a phone order in if you follow that reservation email link and finish the process, but you will only have 24 hours to do so. If you go through that process I think you wind up with a phone that was in the delivery times you were seeing when the reservation occurred, but I could be wrong.

      • Sarah Rinker

        Reading your response makes complete sense! So after I got the registration message I had no idea what was going on. I was able to place an order about 10 – 15 minuets later. This goes along with your theory. My update on the reservation is that it had reserved a phone for me at that point in time. Apple customer service was not able to get any information on delivery dates to see. I took a chance and canceled my confirmed order with Dec 5 dates and completed my reservation. When it came time to the delivery screen I was crossing fingers I didn’t screw myself. Turned out that I hadn’t and now have 2-3 week delivery.

  • S C

    I had my order favorited in the Apple Store App (black 256GB, carrier unlocked w/ AT&T SIM). Took a little while to get into the Apple Store through the app, about 5-10 minutes (not sure exactly, as I was too busy trying to reload, reload, reload) after midnight I was actually able to get on the store and try to place my order. Everything looked fine for first day availability. When it came time to enter my phone plan information I was told by the app that my plan did not support the iPhone. There was no way around this message. The app would not let me purchase. My plan most assuredly does support the iPhone since I was using my iPhone to order the X. Soooo… I decided that Apple isn’t getting my money this time around. If they won’t take the money when I’ve stayed up all night to give them my credit card number, they just aren’t getting my money.

  • S C

    I too had my phone pre-selected, favorited, and ready for my credit card entry through the App Store App on my iPhone. Carrier authorization failed repeatedly as well (WTF? I’m using an iPhone but the app tells me that my plan doesn’t support an iPhone? ROFL). Never got it to go through. Because of this, I’m just not going to pay Apple this time around.

    • Jason Cramer

      Yeah – thinking that the carriers conspired and managed to make all carrier activations fail during that critical time when all of the orders for the Nov 3rd delivered phones were taking place on THEIR websites. Those evil bastards.

  • Trilobite Russ

    I had the same problems as many. I had done the IUP preapproval on Monday to get the carrier choice and account setup, loan approval setup, choice of model of the X setup. But I was on the apple app on my iPhone from 10 minutes before and even with refreshes (and having my iPad up and Mac up) could not see access to the apple store thru the app til almost 2:12 CDT in Illinois. By that time my choice in preapproval was on a November 17-24 time frame for arrival to me. Not happy with the randomness of who got in and who did not but if you did not make that first 10 minute window seemed getting one on November 3 was out of the question. Not the end of the world of course but after all the preparation this makes the experience not a winner in my view of what Apple did for IUP members.

  • christopher privette

    Ordered mine through Verizon which I accidentally discovered went live 5 mins early, I even posted a tweet (and photo) that Verizon was up early (AND ANSOLUTELY NOBODY NOTICED THE TWEET) the site even automatically put the phone in my cart at login to make sure I got one. I had completed check out, paid and gotten the confirmation by 2:59 with the Nov 3rd delivery date. Also got the confirmation email instantly. I thought maybe my computer was screwed up or I had somehow managed to crash the site because I’m never that lucky, but looks like I was for once. After that I tried to log back on with Verizon and with Apple and guess that’s when everything got so flooded because I couldn’t get back on.

  • Rosko

    My iPhone X preorder was smooth as silk here in Boston. Had laptop open to ATT and Apple store tabs, iPad and iPhone set with Apple store app/favorited silver 256GB model. iPad app worked at 3:03am, I mistyped a number on my carrier settings and had to do it over, completed checkout at 3:06, got email at 3:07 meanwhile the website and iPhone apps were still busy/down. Excited for my first silver iPhone! Only went with silver because the front bezel is still black!

  • Verizon let me order mine at 11:56PM

  • Robert Flores

    I didn’t hear the alarm on my iPhone 6s Plus and didn’t wake up right before the 3:00 a.m. Eastern Time magic hour. So….I ordered after 5:00 a.m. December 1, 2017 delivery. I think the 6s Plus turned on me and sabotaged the whole thing.