Cult of Mac Magazine: Why you shouldn’t trust every Apple ID prompt, and more


Although the popup will look exactly the same, it could be a phishing attempt. It’s incredibly easy for developers to implement popups.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

It’s not uncommon to see a random popup that asks you to “Sign In to iTunes Store” on iOS. They sometimes appear unexpectedly, but they’re usually genuine. There is a chance that the app’s developer is phishing for your Apple ID password. We’ll show you an easy trick to distinguish legit popups from phishing attempts.

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Cult of Mac Magazine, Issue 214

Apple ID promptsWhy you shouldn’t trust Apple ID prompts in third-party apps
It’s not uncommon to see a random popup that asks you to “Sign In to iTunes Store” on iOS. They sometimes appear unexpectedly, but they’re usually genuine. However, one developer is warning users not to enter their password when the popup appears in third-party apps.

esimHow does Apple Watch’s innovative eSIM work?
Apple Watch Series 3 is Apple’s best smartwatch yet. It’s faster, packed full of new features in watchOS 4, and it boasts amazing new cellular connectivity (if you pay more for the LTE model). This is all made possible with a built-in antenna, a UMTS radio, and an eSIM. But how does it work?

iphone screenNo, Apple is not slowing down your iPhone to force upgrades
Every major iOS update slows down older devices to force users to upgrade. At least that’s what recent reports have suggested. The truth is, Apple is doing no such thing. Benchmark data proves that iPhone performance drops over time are just a myth.

coffeeHow to share your home Wi-Fi without a password in iOS 11
iOS 11 brings yet another convenient feature — password-free Wi-Fi sharing. It’s super easy, and requires nothing more than that you both be running iOS 11, and have Bluetooth switched on.

ios115 ways to switch apps quick on iPad with iOS 11
In iOS 11, there are four ways to switch apps on the iPad. Five, if you count the old-school way: hitting the home button to return to the home screen, and tapping an icon to launch a different app. Some of these methods have been around a while, and have changed drastically in iOS 11.

iphone 8Here’s your chance to win a free iPhone 8
If you’re reading this, you already know that iPhone 8 is almost here. Buzz is heavy for Apple’s new two versions of the iPhone 8. That means you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to nab an iPhone 8 for free.

mac appName your price for 5 performance-enhancing Mac apps
In addition to including various ways of improving the performance and productivity possibilities of your Mac, the Fab 5 Mac App Bundle is available for whatever you’re willing to pay. Read on for details.

pad & quillThis leather MacBook bag will outlast anything
If you want to crush your shoulder, and at the same time have all your gear and gadgets within easy reach, then a messenger bag is the way to go. Less formal than a briefcase, and less sporty than a backpack, a messenger bag is stylish and practical. And Pad & Quill’s Attache messenger bag is more stylish and practical than most.

rilee & loThese Apple Watch bands fuse tech and style brilliantly
Fusing tech and fashion is the cornerstone of Rilee & Lo — makers of highly stylish stainless steel bands for Apple Watch. Patent-pending for a reason, these bands fit perfectly and come in a range of beautiful finishes.

homekitThe new HomeKit abilities you need to know about
This week, on The CultCast: live in the home of the future, today! We’ll tell you how with iOS 11’s huge improvements in the Home app and HomeKit. Plus: there’s a new Apple ID phishing scam you need to know about