Here’s how to post to Instagram from your Mac


post to Instagram from computer
Windowed is a free app that fakes out Instagram so you can post from a computer.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

Instagram doesn’t make it easy for photographers to post pictures from a computer. However, a new computer app can fool the popular photo-sharing platform by mimicking a mobile browser.

Windowed is free and makes posting photos directly from a Mac or MacBook as easy as it is from your iPhone.

PC users are currently able to use Instagram and upload photos from a Windows laptops with touchscreens. Windowed works with any laptop or desktop, Mac or Windows. Photographers, especially Apple users, have other work-around methods like email or dragging photos into Dropbox.

post to Instagram from computer
Uplet is a Mac-based program for desktops and MacBooks for posting to Instagram.
Photo: Eltima

One Mac-based program out for a while, Uplet, also lets photographers upload photos and videos from their computers. It can do hundreds of photos in one click. Uplet is available here for $19.95.

Windowed will not give the user the “full” Instagram experience, as the photography website The Phoblographer pointed out in its reporting on the new app. It mostly provides a quick way to post a photo to your feed.

Developer and photographer Felix Sun said the app does not have access to your Instagram account information.

“I’m a photographer and computer engineering student who was frustrated that there was no easy way to upload photos to Instagram directly from my computer,” Sun wrote on the Windowed website. “I created this initially to improve my workflow but realized that many others had the same problem as me. Happy Shooting folks!”

The Phoblographer’s Anthony Thurston also pointed out that Windowed may violate Instagram’s Terms of Service, though he added Instagram would have to take the unlikely step of blocking all mobile browser access to enforce it.

Source: The Phoblographer