Without a Home button, here’s how the new iPhone 8 UI will work


iPhone color
iPhone 8 will feature Apple's biggest redesign in years.
Photo: Ben Miller

It’s no secret that Apple is planning to ditch its Home button for the next-gen iPhone 8, but with the exception of how Touch ID will be replaced by facial recognition, very few details have been circulated about how the move will impact the iPhone UI.

A new report may change that, however, by revealing how the removal and replacement of the Home button, which has existed on every iPhone since 2007, will actually work.

According to Bloomberg, the iPhone will replace the Home button with a thin bar that can be pulled upwards to unlock the handset, similar to the “slide to unlock” mechanism that disappeared with iOS 10.

When inside apps, this gesture begins multitasking. Users can flick upwards to close an app and return to the main screen. This may involve an animation in which apps are sucked back into their respective icon. The multitasking UI resembles a series of individual cards to be swiped through, rather than the current stack of cards seen on current iPhones.

The new iPhone 8, which also sports inductive charging, an OLED display, and new form factor, will debut next month. It is likely to be accompanied by an iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, offering minimal redesigns.

According to reports, Apple will debut all three of its handsets at a media event, scheduled to take place on September 12.

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  • Daniel Hertlein

    So there will be a completely different set of basic gestures on the iPhone 8 than all the other models? This isn’t even close to the sort of UI fragmentation that exists on Android, but still strikes me as very un-Apple like. “iPhones work like this” is an important selling point. Since this 8 is the first time they’ve released an all new phone that isn’t an upgrade inside the 2 two year cycle, and since all phones are likely to lose the home button in the future, they’ll probably market it as a preview of the future for the discerning few who can afford it now.

  • Jay

    Lol I remember there being an old video on youtube about iPhone users and their gestures, “gestures”… now we wont really have a choice.

  • lucas

    I have to say, I’m happy the top “tabs” still shows the clock. But I find the layout horendous.

  • William Donelson

    You mean I have to LOOK AT MY IPHONE to open it? No more fumbling in the dark, or with it lying on a table? Bad move.

  • Joe

    Didn’t know we were switching to BB OS?

  • Mercy Christiana

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