This could be the circuit that brings wireless charging to iPhone 8


iPhone 8 wireless charging
But is it genuine?
Photo: Weibo

New photos of apparent iPhone 8 components once again corroborate rumors that the device will finally deliver wireless charging. We’ve already seen an image of its wireless charging coil, and now we have a charging circuit to go along with it.

Apple has reportedly been hard at work on developing revolutionary new wireless charging technology that won’t require a charging pad. Instead, it will charge your devices over-the-air within a small field. But that’s not what we’ll get with iPhone 8.

This technology clearly isn’t ready yet, so Apple has chosen to finally give in and adopt the Qi charging standard instead. This is the same standard used in rival Android devices, which uses a coil inside the phone that pulls power from a charging pad.

Photos of the iPhone 8’s coil surfaced last month, and now we have pictures of its charging circuitry, thanks to images published on Weibo. The circuit would likely be placed inside the large “black hole” we previously saw in an iPhone 8 X-ray.

iPhone 8 wireless charging
We can’t see an Apple logo or any other branding.
Photo: Weibo

It should be noted, however, that there’s nothing to confirm this is a genuine Apple component. We don’t see a picture of the circuit board inside an iPhone 8, and there’s no Apple logo that we can make out. With that in mind, we suggest you take this particular leak with a pinch of salt.

Lots of Apple components surface on Chinese social networks like Weibo ahead of a big unveiling, and while some of them are genuine, plenty are not. We’re pretty confident iPhone 8 will get wireless charging; we’re just not certain this circuit will be involved.