Lock in 2TB of secure cloud storage for life [Deals]


Zoolz Cloud Storage- 2TB Lifetime Subscription
With this deal, you'll get 2 terabytes worth of secure cloud storage for life.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Hard drives have a lot of drawbacks. They break, external drives disappear, they’re noisy and power-hungry. No wonder more and more people are looking to the cloud for their storage needs. But the price for secure, high capacity cloud storage is often steep.

That makes this deal from Zoolz a must-see for anyone looking to reach into the cloud for a storage solution. It’s 2 terabytes of encrypted cloud storage, accessible for life. That’s a service that usually goes for more than $3,500. But right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to 2 TB of Zoolz Cold Storage for just $49.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Cold Storage is Zoolz’s longer-term storage option. It’s for data you don’t need on an hour-by-hour basis, usually taking about 3 to 5 hours to retrieve. But unlike your external drive, you’ll never misplace it. And you find your data unavailable because of a dead motor or an accidental drop. Additionally, compared to physical drives and even most cloud storage options, the price per byte is astonishingly low. And along with a ton of space for your data, you get a bunch of useful features like backup scheduling, bandwidth throttling, icon overlay, file retention and more.

Buy now: Get a lifetime of Zoolz Storage for $49.99. That’s a massive 98 percent discount.