Former Apple exec says iPhone falling behind Samsung


The iPhone set the bar, but Samsung is trying to push it higher.
Photo: Cult of Mac

The new iPhone that will officially mark the 10th anniversary of Apple’s most successful product is already swirling in high expectations and rumors of production delays. Now the much anticipated iPhone 8 has another bar to hurdle – one set by Samsung.

Apple’s former creative director warns that Apple is struggling against its biggest competitor and is now feeling the absence of the late founder and CEO Steve Jobs.

“It’s not so much that Samsung has gotten better, but Apple has fundamentally changed,” Hugh Dubberly said according to a report from the Dow Jones Newswires. “The pipeline that Steve (Jobs) started is over.”

The Dow Jones news report did not cite the origin of Dubberly’s remark nor did it publish any other comments from him. Dubberly’s perspective could be well informed, having worked for both Apple and as a member of Samsung’s global design advisory board, said a report published in 9To5Mac this morning.

Critics have argued Samsung’s handsets have challenged Apple on design and quality. Consumer Reports has named the Galaxy S phones the top smartphone for two-straight years, its rigorous testing giving it high marks for design, battery life, and camera quality.

The iPhone 8, due out this fall, comes at a crucial time. Not only does Apple’s iPhone team have the pressure of creating a handset worthy of marking the 10th year, smartphone sales are currently enjoying a bump in sales as consumers, many holding onto their phones for two or more years, are looking for big upgrades.

Sources: 9To5Mac and Fox Business News

  • digitaldumdum

    “Former Apple exec says iPhone falling behind Samsung”

    Maybe this is why Dubberly is a •former• exec of Apple. In any case, this is just one of the specious, nay, ridiculous types of remarks that always start showing up weeks or months before an Apple release, especially regarding the iPhone. One of the tech and financial world’s greatest, enduring pastimes is betting on Apple to fail, despite what consumers and sales figures report to the contrary. It’s been happening since two young, brilliant geeks started bread-boarding a computer in their garage “for the rest of us.”

    I think this line from the article sums it up pretty well: “The Dow Jones news report did not cite the origin of Dubberly’s remark nor did it publish any other comments from him.”

  • oriorda


    Apple isn’t falling behind anyone. There’s NO evidence it’s doing anything other than moving ahead at its own pace. The degree of vertical integration achieved by Apple, from raw silicon right up to the User Interface, all completely controlled by Apple for security, performance, battery life, cloud integration, interfaces to millions of dedicated developers worldwide etc. is without parallel. Nobody comes close.

    Combine that with a production and distribution system handling tens of millions of products a month, and a customer support system with over 450 retail sites worldwide (all controlled by Apple), with hundreds of millions of loyal customers who wouldn’t dream of buying a competitor’s product and you have a formidable hurdle to overcome if you want to be considered in the same league, let alone be thought of as the industry leader.

  • I write from a Mac and the Phone I carry is still an iPhone. There’s a good chance that I will upgrade to another iPhone (although that’s not a given) and now that Apple have decided to finally wake the f**k up and start producing half decent iMacs again my next desktop will certainly be another Mac.

    That said of course this dude is right. Over the last few years Apple has stagnated, badly. The current CEO is more often making headlines for his opinions on Trump, Diversity, Bathrooms, Climate Change, etc than for anything to do with Apple. Several biographers have struggled to pin down Job’s politics because he didn’t care about much, politically anyway, that wasn’t critical to Apple. Cook on the other hand seems to be endlessly distracted by whatever political issue wafts across his Apple News feed.

    As far as I can see the only difference between John Sculley and Tim Cook (aside from the fact John Sculley has a better attention span) is that Cook has a LOT more runway in front of him before the board can’t afford to any longer ignore the institutional sluggishness over which he presides.

    • oriorda

      I have to agree with you about Tim Cook and his opinions. He’s totally, absolutely, utterly and completely wrong about Climate Change (it’s a scam enriching guys like Al Gore) and its pretty sad to see Cook mouthing off on the issue. He needs to restrict himself to Apple affairs.

      • Tjosansa

        You say it is a scam.. Elon Musk says otherwise.
        Who to belive….. hm….. I go for Elon.
        You got stocks in oil or something? Whats your agenda?

      • My point isn’t about whether Tim Cooks politics is right, or wrong it’s that it is a very bad sign when the CEO of a company like Apple is becoming better known for his politics than he is for technological innovation. It’s about where his focus lies and it appears to me that he has an unhealthy level of interest for matters that have nothing to do with Apple.

  • Narg

    I’d never looked beyond Apple’s iPhone for my next one, but the removal of the simple audio jack showed me that Apple wanted change so bad that they were willing to make poor decisions in the marketplace as a whole. I’m afraid their next one may be worse. I can’t imagine that anything other than downhill is their only course at this point. Fortunately there are plenty of options, and all as good if not better quality than either of the two companies mentioned in this article. I played with a Samsung recently. It reminded me of all the crapware laden computers of 10 years ago. No thanks.

  • I can imagine LG or HTC getting higher standard someday. But I never buy anything from Samsung just because of the build quality. Every Samsung device (phone, TV, laundry washer…) I saw feels cheap.
    I always joke about it stating that it’s so cheap that if you scratch the Samsung logo with a coin, it will reveal the real brand behind it: Citroen :-)