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Former Apple exec says iPhone falling behind Samsung


The iPhone set the bar, but Samsung is trying to push it higher.
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The new iPhone that will officially mark the 10th anniversary of Apple’s most successful product is already swirling in high expectations and rumors of production delays. Now the much anticipated iPhone 8 has another bar to hurdle – one set by Samsung.

Apple’s former creative director warns that Apple is struggling against its biggest competitor and is now feeling the absence of the late founder and CEO Steve Jobs.

“It’s not so much that Samsung has gotten better, but Apple has fundamentally changed,” Hugh Dubberly said according to a report from the Dow Jones Newswires. “The pipeline that Steve (Jobs) started is over.”

The Dow Jones news report did not cite the origin of Dubberly’s remark nor did it publish any other comments from him. Dubberly’s perspective could be well informed, having worked for both Apple and as a member of Samsung’s global design advisory board, said a report published in 9To5Mac this morning.

Critics have argued Samsung’s handsets have challenged Apple on design and quality. Consumer Reports has named the Galaxy S phones the top smartphone for two-straight years, its rigorous testing giving it high marks for design, battery life, and camera quality.

The iPhone 8, due out this fall, comes at a crucial time. Not only does Apple’s iPhone team have the pressure of creating a handset worthy of marking the 10th year, smartphone sales are currently enjoying a bump in sales as consumers, many holding onto their phones for two or more years, are looking for big upgrades.

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