iCloud now gives you more bang for your buck


Hacker who tried to extort Apple for $100k is spared prison
Hacker who tried to extort Apple for $100k is spared prison
Photo: Apple is offering various new perks for iCloud users.

Apple just updated and simplified its various iCloud storage pricing options, giving high-end customers more for their money and adding a sweetener for families who might want to share a plan.

Significantly, the company eliminated the 1 terabyte iCloud storage option, previously charged at $9.99 a month. Instead, people paying 10 bucks a month for iCloud storage will get 2 terabytes to play with.

Unfortunately, the current free storage option remains at 5GB. The 50GB plan (priced at 99 cents per month) and the 200GB plan ($2.99 per month) also remain unchanged.

Maybe the biggest change for regular users, however, is the fact that Apple is now letting multiple people share an iCloud storage plan on iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra. Before now, it wasn’t possible for different family members to use a shared iCloud account.

Yesterday’s WWDC 2017 keynote was one of Apple’s biggest in years. Offering a range of new hardware and software, it introduced some very significant updates.

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