Get a second (private!) phone number for $25 for life [Deals]


CoM - Hushed
Get the flexibility of having a second phone number without the hassle of opening up a new line.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Whether for dating, work or just buying something on Craigslist, giving out your phone number can be stressful. It’s basically a form of personal ID, a surefire way to be reached whether you want to be or not.

We have secondary email addresses, so why not phone lines? Hushed is offering just that — a private and secure second phone line. It’s a great way to get a layer of peace of mind and privacy when it comes to your digits. And right now you can get a lifetime of Hushed Private Phone Line for just $25 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Hush uses a simple app to make calls from your second number, without the need to commit to another phone contract. You can customize your voicemail and use Wi-Fi or data to make calls, even choose from among hundreds of area codes.

The deal includes a plan with a combination of 3,000 SMS or 500 talk minutes per year. Along with call forwarding and other features, you gain all the advantages and flexibility of a second phone line without the typical hassles.

Buy now: Get a Hushed Private Phone Line lifetime subscription for just $25 — that’s a whopping 82 percent off the usual price.

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  • DCJ001

    Google Voice is free !!!

    • Yeah but it uses your phone to call their numbers.
      When abroad, it calls a US number that you pay full price in roaming. Not Free..