Amazon may soon launch an Alexa-powered security camera


This could be Amazon's next big product.
This could be Amazon's next big product.
Photo: AFTVnews

Amazon’s next Alexa product won’t just be able to listen to you. It can watch your every move.

Leaked images of a new home security camera created by Amazon hit the internet today, giving us our first glimpse of what the company’s Dropcam competitor will look like.

The photo above was discovered on Amazon’s own web servers by AFTVnews. It appears to be an adjustable security camera with an Echo Dot-like blue ring circling the lens in the main black area where other sensors are located.

Two holes for microphones are placed at the top of the device. Surrounding the camera lens appears to be four infrared sensors. This should allow the camera to still function in the dark.

The Amazon cam has a pivoting base so you can easily adjust the position. It also probably comes with some built-in speakers to communicate with users.

Little other information about Amazon’s security camera is known at this time, but seems how the marketing images are already on its site, an official launch might not be that far away.