Portable hub encrypts your Wi-Fi on the road [Week’s Newest Deals]


A portable Wi-Fi protector, and IP cloaking shield, and more are included in this week's newest deals.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Whenever you go online, you’re vulnerable to all sorts of hazards and headaches. That makes the new portable encryption hub at the Cult of Mac Store a must-see.

It’s just one of the awesome new deals we’ve got this week. You’ll also find what amounts to an IP cloaking device in the form of a VPN, a set of five interchangeable lenses for iPhone, and a sleek stand for MacBook Air that doubles as a USB hub. Everything’s going for a fraction of the usual price.

CoM - Keezel Online Security & Privacy Solution
Encrypt any public WiFi connection and secure all your devices at once with this handy, portable device.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Keezel: 2-Year Premium Subscription (Pre-Order) – 16% off

When you hop on public Wi-Fi in hotels, coffee shops and airports — basically anywhere — you’ll want to take steps to secure your connection. A $1 million Kickstarter star, Keezel is a portable internet encryption device that protects all your sensitive information against snoops and thieves, with just the push of a button.

There’s no installation or repetitive configuration needed. It’ll secure the connection of any device you assign, maintaining high speeds as it routes traffic through 1,250 VPN servers in more than 160 countries. As an added bonus, you’ll get to bypass those pesky location restrictions on streaming content.

Buy now: Pre-order two years of Keezel for $209 — 16 percent off the usual price.

CoM - IPinator VPN Premium
This VPN is like an invisibility cloak for IP addresses.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

IPinator VPN Premium: 1-Year Subscription – 70% off

By running a decoy IP in your browser, IPinator VPN keeps your web browsing private and your data secure. Encrypt your online connection and keep data thieves guessing, with full support for encrypted HTTPS/SSL pages so that you can remain anonymous even on e-commerce sites. IPinator works with pretty much any software that creates an online connection, like Windows Mail, Skype, various video games and so on. You’ll easily bypass firewalls and geo-restricted and blocked sites. Plus you can voluntarily change your IP address any time you want. There’s even a feature for sending anonymous emails.

Buy now: Get IPinator VPN Premium for $14.99, a whopping 70 percent discount.

CoM - Acesori 5 Piece Smartphone Camera Lens Kit
Vastly expand your smartphone camera’s capabilities with this multifunctional 3-in-1 lens kit.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Acesori three-piece Smartphone Camera Lens Kit: 2-Pack – 85% off

Take your Instagram snaps up a bunch of notches by adding a set of bona fide glass lenses to your iPhone. This 3-in-1 Lens Kit easily connects to the magnetic ring around your phone’s camera, allowing you to take high-quality photos and video that brings your images closer to DSLR quality. Included are fish-eye, wide-angle and macro lenses, each designed to be scratch-resistant with reduced glare and reflection, plus a metal lanyard to keep everything safe and tidy.

Buy now: Get the Acesori three-piece Smartphone Camera Lens Kit 2-Pack for $14.99, a massive 85 percent off the usual price tag.

CoM - 4-Port USB Hub MacBook Air Stand
Charge any 4 USB-compatible devices while getting a more ergonomic posture for your MacBook Air.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

4-Port USB Hub MacBook Air Stand – 67% off

Putting your laptop on a stand is a great idea for posture and ergonomics, but this one takes it to another level. The stand itself is designed specifically for MacBook Air. Its four USB ports are compatible with any type of USB-charging device, so it does double duty as a serious charging and data-transfer hub. Turn it into your digital home base for laptops, phones, tablets or anything else that takes a charge or transfers data.

Give your desk (and yourself) some extra flexibility while at work. What’s more, it’s lightweight and easy to transport, with safety features including over-voltage and short-circuit protection.

Buy now: Pick up a 4-Port USB Hub MacBook Air Stand for $31.99, a 67 percent discount.